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    Welcome Post

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    news The Best TV Shows of 2022, So Far

    Haven't seen Severance yet (don't have Apple TV), but definitely agree on a bunch of them - and I'm especially glad to see Gaslit on there, 'cause I thought it was great.
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    screenplay How to - Montages with different setups/view points

    I know this isn't answering your question, but two thoughts: 1. I have a personal rule that there should never be more than one montage in a movie - and I mentally mark down any movie that I watch that has more than one. I'd rather see scenes developed. 2. I see the reason why you'd have a...
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    screenplay Writing GoPro shots

    Given that it's a shooting script, I think that's fine.
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    Hi, I'm Tyler!

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    Your' best creative ideas

    No, but yesterday I was working on a scene that involved a shoot out. Then last night, I had a dream that I was watching my husband take out a few bad guys in a shoot out (I was an incompetent shooter, like several of my characters!). I'm not quite sure what to make of that :)
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    Meet Tucker (That's Me!), Actor/Writer From LA

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    top-list List Everything you watched during the Pandemic

    Have you watched "The Offer"? I don't see it on your list but I might have skimmed through it too quickly. It's on Paramount, and it's about the making of The Godfather. If you know a lot of the backstory, you might not like it as much as I do. But the cast is amazing, and Miles Teller seems to...
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    Gday and hello

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    Welcome to the world of Toledo!

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    campaign Crowdfunding a feature-length, queer spooky horror film

    Glad to be helpful! You might appreciate this video that our bts guy made about shooting with the process trailer.
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    campaign Crowdfunding a feature-length, queer spooky horror film

    That looks very cool, and I love that you're working on stretch funding :clap: And that's why a chipped in a few bucks. I noticed that you're hoping to use a processor trailer - we had one on my second feature. It was terrific and we got great footage, but: (1) it's definitely a special skill...
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    New writer/producer in Chicago

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    First-time filmmaker

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    business My Client's Video is Going Viral....

    My approach would be to raise his fee by a moderate amount, and then do so again in a few months, with also an eye to what your competitors are charging. ALSO, even if you normally just send him the invoice after the fact, I strongly recommend that you let him know in advance that you're raising...
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    business My Client's Video is Going Viral....

    Do you have a contract that specifies that the rate he's been paying is good until date x? If so, you have to wait for then. If not, you're free to raise it for the next job that you do for him. You should give him some advance notice (like now), and of course be aware that he might be pissed...
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    Hi from Vienna

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