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  1. Leister

    Why do people always take so long to make their first real film?

    I don't want to offend someone, but if someone can spend 20k on a short film made with friends that don't get paid, I'd say that this actually IS a lot of money for such a small project. As I said, a lot of people are hobby movie makers and spend their money just for fun. I'm fine with that...
  2. Leister

    Best Advice You Have Received?

    Don't be afraid of getting wet. Or, to express this in wise japanese words, here is Tsunetomo Yamamoto ("Hagakure"): "There is something to be learned from a rainstorm. When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to get wet and run quickly along the road. But doing such things as passing...
  3. Leister

    Why do people always take so long to make their first real film?

    You are so right! To make "El Mariachi" fit for the market, the distributors pumped A LOT of money into it. But that doesn't change the fact that he made a sellable product for less than 10.000 dollars. Most of them spent on film costs. It's much cheaper today to achieve similar quality (or even...
  4. Leister

    SKYFALL: the 23rd James Bond adventure

    I really want to watch it, but I HATE the new bond song from Adele. It's a good song on it's own, but rather weak compared to the other two before. Maybe I should take earplugs with me.
  5. Leister

    "Directed By Andrei Tarkovsky" - Documentary

    I don't know if somebody has posted it already, but I found this documentary on Youtube about Andrei Tarkovsky while filming his movie "The Sacrifice". I've always been a big fan of Tarkovsky and the insight in this documentary is absolutely...
  6. Leister

    > Lo/No Budget Review

    Maybe most of us just don't have the right ideas or don't know the right people. I just can't explain why such a steaming pile of shit like "Paranormal Activity" made so much money and spawned a whole franchise of this dreck.
  7. Leister

    Guerrilla - if Aronofsky can do it...

    Wow, this is cool. IKEA should pay for this instead of kicking you out :lol:
  8. Leister

    I'm shooting an intense action scene, looking for inspiration in other films.

    The "Kickass" scene is really good, because you can actually SEE what the hell is going on. The jump cuts make the scene faster, but overall it's a very slow scene. I think it supports the story, because you have this professional, cold-blooded killer who is very precise with his assassinations...
  9. Leister

    Why do people always take so long to make their first real film?

    The problem why indies have a problem to "get big" is NOT a technical one. It's a creative one. Especially when it comes to storytelling. You can shoot a nice looking and good sounding movie for a fraction of the money directors had to invest 20 years ago to achieve similar quality. So why is it...
  10. Leister

    if you were chosen to remake...

    I would give my left testicle for the opportunity to remake Jurassic Park. I'd shoot it more faithful to the book with focus on the philosophical topics and less action. Jessica Chastain as Dr Ellie Sattler (I have a crush on her and think every movie should at least have one redhead in it...
  11. Leister

    Rule of thirds

    Now on topic: No, the rule of thirds is very flexible. It depends on what you want the picture to look like. In general you should follow it, because it is more pleasing to the eye. BUT sometimes that's not what you want it to be. For example: Last weekend I visited the concentration camp in...
  12. Leister

    Rule of thirds

    I really understand what you mean but let's face it... You can buy a 1000 $ Dollar DSLR and make beautiful photos and videos IF you are willing to learn. An equipment wanker with a RED but no clue what cinematography is, will shoot crap. The same guy with a DSLR will also shoot crap. Equipment...
  13. Leister

    Have you ever tried to film a short without a script?

    I'd never do that. There even are movies WITH a script that suck (Avatar *mumble*), so no script is a lot riskier.
  14. Leister

    The Difficulties of Low or No Budget Short Films

    I watched the movie a few days ago on TV again and I'm still amazed how good it is. It's one of my favourites. Every indie movie maker should watch this one at least once.
  15. Leister

    Guerrilla - if Aronofsky can do it...

    As long as you don't block important streets or other infrastructure or kill the buisness of the local stores around the scene, I don't think anyone complains about shooting in public. Also, New York is used to crazy stuff in public. I don't think they even really notice a small crew under 10...
  16. Leister

    Rule of thirds

    Well I think you are right, but that's true for EVERY part of the movie making process. "Set design" is also lacking most of the time. "Cinematography" is also more than just the technical wanking, indie film makers love so much. I have no clue about sound design, so I decided to buy a cheap...
  17. Leister

    The People vs. 3D

    comparing 3D cinema to normal cinema is like comparing the automobile with this:
  18. Leister

    Natural Light Tutorial

    Very nice and very true advice. I'm too cheap to have expensive reflectors and all that shit, so I shoot photographs like that for years. I like that even the location pictures are really nice on it's own, even if they are just there to show where and how he shot the portrait.
  19. Leister

    What do you do when you've gotten no sleep and you have a shoot?

    Well, even at my day job I'm used to get 2 hours of sleep sometimes and it's manageable. While I've been with the military, there were times where I only had that much sleep in 36 hours. For something I really love, I'd work 2 days straight through, if that's what's needed.
  20. Leister

    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    "End of Watch" Liked it! The shaky camera work suits the story and the chemistry between Pena and Gyllenhaal is very good. BUT I have a problem with the last 15 minutes. 8.5/10 for me without the last 15 minutes, that make no sense. With them in, 7/10.