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  1. ClockworkNinja

    Opinions on lenses wanted

    So I've been shopping around for a new telephoto lens for my D5100, and I'm finding myself waffling between two or three different lenses even after reading a few reviews. With the Olympus it was an easy choice because there aren't that many options, but now I'm just not sure which one to...
  2. ClockworkNinja

    At what point do you need permits?

    Okay, so this has been in the back of my mind for awhile now but I've ran into a bit of a brick wall in my knowledge. Short of actually talking to a lawyer for specific advice I was hoping to get some general guideline from what people have experience dealing with themselves. I've got an idea...
  3. ClockworkNinja

    Camera mounts for close-to-the-ground scenes?

    So, short of having a massive budget for a proper steadicam, I'm wondering if there's any options out there for me to mount a camera for shots that are extremely close to the ground without having to straight-up do it myself. It doesn't need to be anything really fancy, just enough to hold a...
  4. ClockworkNinja

    Ahoi hoi

    So, I've recently gotten bit by the video-making bug, and figured I'd sign up here after realizing I had at least a few questions regarding film production I wasn't quite sure how to go about getting answered. Most of my experience has been still pictures/photography and I've been looking to...