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  1. lewis886

    watch Madelline (2018) teaser trailer

    Here is the teaser trailer for my upcoming film Madelline, starring Haley Bedocs. We just finished shooting a couple days ago, and I'm planning to release it Summer 2018. Madelline is the story of a girl trying to deal with the daily struggles of depression and social anxiety...
  2. lewis886

    watch NEPTUNE: A Planetary Biography - short documentary

    This is a short film that I made which examines the discovery and exploration of the planet Neptune, and what we know about it. It started when I read about the story of how Neptune was discovered. I'm a big space geek, and though I watch almost every space documentary I can get my hands on...
  3. lewis886

    watch Fractured - short film

    My film "Fractured" was just released today. It's part of a larger series of short films called "That Time of the Year". Is about 6-1/2 minutes long, and is the 5th film in the series. All the films in the series had to be 5 page scripts or less, and had to be shot in one day. EDIT: here's...
  4. lewis886

    watch That Time of the Year: Episode 1 - The Right Call

    Here is episode 1 of a web series that I'm involved with. I think it's a pretty good start. Will be 12 films from 12 directors, one per month over 12 months. The connecting thread is that they all have some connection with Time.
  5. lewis886

    watch The Man Who Knew Everything

    Here is a short film that I helped work on last year. We shot it over 3 days. It's similar to a twilight zone episode. The director wrote it and also plays the main character. I did lots of different stuff, from lighting, to working the camera dolley, to monitoring the video feed. Was a...
  6. lewis886

    watch 9 - short film by Eric Sparks

    this was my first film... it's sort of like a twilight zone episode. started it back in 2002, finished editing in 2004. had no idea what i was doing. had never written a script, or directed anyone, or edited anything, or shot anything.... never even helped on someone else's films... nothing...
  7. lewis886

    watch Rob Hemmick - Live Acoustic Video

    this is the guy who does all the music for my films... Rob Hemmick... and i help him with his music... we shot this a couple weeks ago... thought some of you might enjoy it...
  8. lewis886

    watch amos - an experimental short 'horror' film

    this was my 4th film. it was based on a couple of fairly creepy verses from the old testament book of Amos, after which the film is named. i shot it in the spring of 2005... though i had a couple annoying computer crashes before i finally got it finished sometime in 2006. let me know what you...
  9. lewis886

    watch The Boss - a film noir/mafia short film

    This was my 3rd film. I shot it in early 2005. i heard my friend's dad talking in the other room, and suddenly got an image in my head of him in a suit, a big cigar in his hand, in a dark room with a light shining down on him like the opening scene of the godfather... i thought that was...
  10. lewis886

    watch videodiary - short film

    videodiary - short film (fixed YT clip) i shot this last fall. was shot in one evening with a few friends and other directors there. had the story worked out with the actress, but didn't have a script, so the actress had to improv the whole thing... we all discussed each entry before...
  11. lewis886

    Filmmaker in Ohio, USA

    hey... i'm a writer/director/editor in Mansfield, Ohio. i've directed 8 short films, been a crew member on another, and been a crew member on an upcoming feature. hoping to shoot another film later this year, but job and camera situations might prevent that... we'll see. anyway, always up...