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  1. sebbyp

    watch Short News Parody

    Hey guys, Put together a short parody of an A Current Affair style news story. Would love to hear what you think, any improvements that could be made, etc. Cheers! Seb
  2. sebbyp

    watch Youtube Sketch Comedy

    Hey all! I've just launched my youtube sketch comedy series. Check it out when you have time :) Let me know what you think! Cheers Guys!
  3. sebbyp

    watch 30 second comedy

    Hey Everyone! Had a free afternoon so I put together probably the dumbest video you've ever seen. Let me know what you think :p
  4. sebbyp

    Lenses for the 5D

    Hey all! I just started shooting a web series and have picked up a canon 5d mii. Just ordered a 24mm samyang 1.4, and a 50mm canon 1.4. We're doing things on the cheap, can't afford lighting, so I figured these two lenses would help us out in low light conditions. Any recommendations on any...
  5. sebbyp


    Hey Guys :) Basically I just wanted to make a space where we could pitch log lines for film ideas, tv pilots, short films, etc. and critique each other. I've been reading a lot of material lately that's been emphasising the fact that you need to nail down your log line before you even begin...
  6. sebbyp

    best camera for web video?

    hey guys, currently planning a shoot for a 10 part web series, looking for a camera but not sure what to use. I know of some canon A1's that I have used before but are there better options out there for web video? cheers :) Seb
  7. sebbyp

    strong morning light

    hey dudes, working on a short with a bedroom scene that's supposed to be set early in the morning. any suggestions on how to get a good strong morning light effect? Like a real yellow orange you get just after dawn/before dusk. I'm looking for a youtube vid to show what I mean but haven't found...
  8. sebbyp

    Any Aussies?

    :) Hello fellow australians Just wondering who you are, where you are and what sort of work you have done/do at the moment. Just want to meet some new people :) My names Sebastian. I am in Melbourne. I am currently studying at film school. Your turn :P
  9. sebbyp

    camera settings for web

    hey dudes/dudettes, filming some stuff for web. the gear i have available will only let me shoot 1080i HD or 720p is it worth the HD footage with interlaced or should I kick it back with the 720p? the 1080 is a newer camera (Canon XH A1) and the 720 is an older JVC streamcorder. just...
  10. sebbyp

    getting hit with a shovel..

    hello film friends! creative question for you hardcores out there. am shooting a video clip where a girl gets hit in the back of the head with a shovel. I would like the shot to be in slow motion as the attacker raises the shovel to swing and then just before he makes contact i would like the...
  11. sebbyp

    summer blockbusters

    I walked out of transformers 2 satisfied, I was looking forward to seeing it all week and it played out all my expectations - hot girls, big robots fighting, a few laughs etc. What I'm hating on is all these pretentious people saying its a terrible movie and that michael bay is crap at what he...
  12. sebbyp

    RIP Michael Jackson

    There are so many people out there who don't give a crap because he was supposedly a "pedophile" but this guy was a legend. He had the greatest songs and was an amazing dancer back in his day. RIP MJ.
  13. sebbyp

    Need a name for web series... anyone?

    Hey guys, Experiencing a spot of bother, lol. Have been in pre-production for a webseries with a good friend. We've written most the episodes, planned a few of the filming days, discussed how we'll light it.. etc. Only thing is, we need a good name! Something people will instantly recognize us...
  14. sebbyp

    Frame rates

    I've heard that filming in 24p on a digital camera can help you achieve a "film" type of effect. Is this true? Are there any advantages when shooting in 24p? Or is it safer to keep it at like 25p - 30p?
  15. sebbyp

    Youtube and Targeting Audiences

    Hey dudes/dudettes, I'm interested in making some funny youtube video's - possibly a web series, just for a little fun and a little self promotion for my skills as a film maker. Any idea on what sort of audiences are the biggest on youtube? I've read that over 45's compose of half the youtube...
  16. sebbyp

    advice for filming webseries

    hey friends! i'm looking at shooting a web series to post on websites such as youtube, vimeo, facebook etc. and am wondering whether its better to shoot in HD over SD? I've heard mixed opinions from people at school, but I gather HD compressed is still better than SD compressed even if its a...
  17. sebbyp

    watch Comedy project

    Short film 2008: Labor School Folio Project (NOTE: Coarse language) Basically this is a comedy I made for my Year 12 media project this year. I chose to represent a single-camera sitcom (had to do this whole folio to accompany the film too, with script, storyboard, analysis etc.). The film was...
  18. sebbyp

    Breaking into the industry?

    Hey people that know a lot more than i do. wondering if you could offer me any expertise/knowledge of developing a career in film. i'm looking at university for film making (I live in melbourne, my preferences are Swinburne or JMC academy) i figure i'll finish those courses in about 3 years...
  19. sebbyp

    hiii friends

    hey dudes, um well i guess it would be rude to sign up and not introduce myself so :P hia, I'm seb. just finished high school, looking at studying film at university. have had fun mucking around with camera's for most my teenage years am looking at making it a career. you guys here clearly know...