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  1. Geezer

    misc Semi Final

    I've just entered a script writing contest and was informed today that I've made the semi finals. Is this any good or do they tell everyone they are in the semi final to make them feel good? Do they do this so that you are tempted to submit more scripts and therefore spend more money. Yes I...
  2. Geezer

    diy Check it out

    I'm new to screenwriting and I quickly learned that writing a short script is a lot about budget. I've written stuff with too many locations, characters etc. I saw a short film today that was written, directed, edited... well actually he did EVERYTHING. I'm hoping I can post a link here because...
  3. Geezer

    misc Thinking Out Loud

    Is it best not to give characters accents unless it's vital. I'm just writing, well finishing a short screenplay and I've given the main character a London accent. Along the same lines is it best to write "American". Obviously if it's set in London then it's obvious, but should we write more...
  4. Geezer

    critique Short Script

    I would be interested to know what people think of my short script. I would appreciate it if anyone would read it and give me their HONEST opinion. I have added the script so please have a read and feedback is welcome. It's only 3 pages so not to taxing :deal: Thanks in advance
  5. Geezer

    misc How To?

    OK, I have a short, 3 min, screenplay and would love to get it made into a short film. My question is I have no idea where to start, should I find and join an amateur film makers club? I'm in the UK, so does anyone know anyone or anywhere I could get started?
  6. Geezer

    Hello All

    I have recently started writing screenplays with a view to adapt my novel. I was looking for someone to adapt it for me but had no luck so decided I would give it a go myself. It's all well and good to write a screenplay but without any feedback its pretty hard to learn more. I'm open to all...