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    Dark Wings - Horror Short Film

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    JULY - Sci-fi Thriller/Horror Short Film

    Thanks for replying man! Glad you enjoyed it for the most part and appreciate the feedback.
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    JULY - Sci-fi Thriller/Horror Short Film

    July is a low budget short film. A man finds some mysterious crystals which seem to have a high value but he is not alone in the rocky valley. Hope you enjoy guys!
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    watch The Aftermath - Comic Style/Thriller Short Film

    Low budget short. Decided to try out one of FCPX comic filters as I have never used a filter on the software before. Feel like it added to the short for this story at least but wouldn't use it again.
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    Hey! Filmmaker from South Wales (UK)

    Thank you friend!
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    watch Retreat - Short film with SONY A6300

    Short film using SONY A6300, first time time trying out 1080p at 100fps. Quite happy with the sharpness of the footage.
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    Hey! Filmmaker from South Wales (UK)

    Look forward to being part of the film community. Hope to meet new people to share ideas, work on projects with and talk about all things film.
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    watch Children of the Pendragon - Dark Fantasy Film

    First time making a short film over 10mins long, good learning experience. Hope to share the film with you!
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    watch The Climb - Survival Drama Short Film

    Thanks for watching, and yes it was filmed in Wales. Very tough shoot, the actress didn't have to do to much acting!
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    watch The Climb - Survival Drama Short Film Hope you will find the time to check out our new short film.
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    watch We Are free - Drama/Motivational Short

    Hope everyone is good, check out my new short that we completed over Christmas and get back to me with what you think! Cheers.
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    watch TONGUES - B-movie style short film!

    Hopefully you guys will check out my film and have as much fun watching it as we did making it... Probably not.
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    watch The Survivors: Post-Apocalyptic short film

    Hey guys, Please check out my short film. Looking for some feedback and want to know what could be improved for future projects!
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    watch The Survivors: Post-Apocalyptic Horror Short Film Hey everyone, please check out my new low budget short film.
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    Godfather VS Godfather Part 2

    Yeah I agree with you, the first one also had James Caan who has the best role in the entire trilogy. I think because Coppola had trouble filming the first one, he was more daring and I think he does his best work under stressful conditions. With the second one he was more established so i...
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    Godfather VS Godfather Part 2

    Which is the better film? Both Films follow the same narrative structure but which one has the more memorable characters and dialogue? Which film portrays Coppola at his directing best?
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    watch Whispers in the Wall - Short film Check out this short film i finished a few months ago, i tried to experiment with british realism, trying to make the film feel raw and natural as possible but also include a fictional base.
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    watch Whispers in the wall - Short film

    This is our first short film to be uploaded to youtube: Check it out and feel free to comment, as its our first short film we would love to here peoples opinions.
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    watch A beautiful short film tribute to Alfred Hitchcock

    Brilliant, really enjoyed that. I thought it was gripping and very stylish, especially the use of camera angles.