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  1. ClockworkNinja

    Making your production company official?

    What do you mean by an "official business"? Just a registered LLC? Fully licensed and bonded and insured? Or just something that makes you money?
  2. ClockworkNinja

    HVX200 vs HVX200A / HPX170

    It looks to me like there's a fair bit more difference than just the extra half stop. This is just after reading some of the details on Amazon. Looks to me like the only reason to get the HPX is if you wanted to record something in SD, but who uses that anymore? There's also whether or not...
  3. ClockworkNinja

    The Sony A99 - Full Frame SLT Camera

    It does look like a sexy DSLR, but sadly way outside of my price range at the moment. :(
  4. ClockworkNinja

    So why do I need an H4N?

    As someone who knows very little about sound work, I'd say hire a sound person.
  5. ClockworkNinja

    Difference between mm lenses

    It might give you a wider angle, but that's not much of an advantage if what your'e after is quality and the ability to take good shots in low light conditions. Or if you want to tinker with your shots and do things in manual mode a cheaper model can't accomplish.
  6. ClockworkNinja

    How do you feel about American remakes of foreign films?

    Sometimes the remake is technically good, but the acting just doesn't quite work. If you watch the Hitchhiker's Guide miniseries from the BBC, and then the American movie, you can see that they did a pretty good job recreating the events up to a point. But the delivery of the jokes from the...
  7. ClockworkNinja

    Crisis... SD card error

    What kind of format is the card using? FAT? Something for OSX? NTFS? What kind of computer did you try to retrieve it from?
  8. ClockworkNinja

    A percentage off the profit

    If you're really unsure, ask a lawyer. If you lie to them and they find out later on that could leave you open to lawsuits if you make any kind of money.
  9. ClockworkNinja

    Area 51 Entertainment for Sale

    I needed a good laugh. Especially since it decided to rain today which makes going out to take pictures kind of a pain in the ass. (I don't mind it so much but my DSLR is deathly allergic to water.)
  10. ClockworkNinja

    Need tips for shooting comedy

    Don't do a romantic comedy. Don't exploit stereotypes unless your name is Mel Brooks. That will fix 75% of your problems.
  11. ClockworkNinja

    Another "Top X" - Musical Scenes

    If you watch A Clockwork Orange you'll never think about "Singing in the Rain" in quite the same way. Also, The French Mistake.
  12. ClockworkNinja

    Good place to find news articles/stories that I could adapt into short film?

    So look up local newspapers of different cities. There's too much out there to give links unless you're being super-specific, though to be honest "normal people" don't really make the news.
  13. ClockworkNinja

    Good place to find news articles/stories that I could adapt into short film?

    NBC? Cnn? Al Jazeera? BBC? You just have to go looking.
  14. ClockworkNinja

    What was so good about The Evil Dead?

    Most comedies are simply unfunny, ham-fisted and forced with a massive over-reliance on "how awkward can we make this situation" type setups. Incidentally I'd say it's my least favorite genre for film.
  15. ClockworkNinja

    choosing a camera

    I'd recommend the model I used for learning photography. Start with the cheapest camera that gives you a lot of features for your dollar without breaking the bank. Learn everything you can about it and start using it everywhere. Then once you figure out what you want to do that you can't...
  16. ClockworkNinja

    Why ratings systems don't work

    I basically stopped caring about ratings systems years ago, and when it comes to movies for the most part I ignore reviews too. I either I enjoy a movie or I don't, and there's plenty of highly rated and critically acclaimed movies I just don't like. (Plenty that I do like though, just in...
  17. ClockworkNinja

    Fascinating, what a difference just lighting makes

    Nah, just venting at having to deal with idiots at the Empire State Building observatory last night. :v
  18. ClockworkNinja

    choosing a camera

    I'm just going to say that the D5100 is pretty nice. In the interests of being fair and balanced.
  19. ClockworkNinja

    Fascinating, what a difference just lighting makes

    It's all a difference of whether you want to show the scene how it really looks, or if you want to light up everything, and say who cares about mood? Oh hey, and protip on lighting: if you're trying to capture images of a city in the distant background don't fire off your flash like a spastic...
  20. ClockworkNinja

    how to fix flat color on camera?

    What kind of camera are you shooting with? What settings are you using? What kind of lens?