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  1. lewis886

    watch Madelline (2018) teaser trailer

    Here's the release trailer:
  2. lewis886

    watch DISORDER

    First off great job. I think the cinematography is very good, and the editing is great. I do agree that the music was a bit distracting. For all of the scenes up until his skateboard ride I felt that the music detracted rather than helped. For me, one of the strongest moments was where the...
  3. lewis886

    watch Madelline (2018) teaser trailer

    Yeah, that was just the teaser trailer. It was early in production and I just wanted to communicate the look and feel and that's it. I feel it worked for what I intended. I intend on making a "Release Trailer" that has dialogue and addresses the story more.
  4. lewis886

    watch Madelline (2018) teaser trailer

    Thanks. I could probably get 10 screenings in this venue if I thought I could fill it up that many times, haha. Is a playhouse and summer is their off season. They might be doing set construction, but it doesn't matter, I can just close the curtain for the screening. I'm hoping to submit to...
  5. lewis886

    watch Madelline (2018) teaser trailer

    I'm currently looking having the premiere around the middle of August. I'll be talking to the Venue on Monday, so I will hopefully have firm dates after that. I'm thinking about having 2 screenings. A Thursday and a Saturday, just in case of schedule conflicts, and because the venue isn't huge...
  6. lewis886

    watch Madelline (2018) teaser trailer

    Well, I thought I would be spending around a month on audio work. I've just finished up month 3 and I've got plenty more to go. haha Oh well, I'm pretty happy with how it is turning out. I'm going to end up with much less music than I anticipated, as I think most scenes will work better...
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    [June 4] What are you working on this week?

    Getting some more audio editing done on my current film, and working on some promotional stuff for it.
  8. lewis886

    watch Madelline (2018) teaser trailer

    Thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed the mood. Yeah, we were only partway through shooting, so I didn't want to reveal much about the story. Is just a teaser trailer, so mainly I just wanted to show the look and the mood. I also wanted to show that there are at least 2 different worlds...
  9. lewis886

    watch Madelline (2018) teaser trailer

    Finally finished my first rough cut a few minutes ago. An hour and six minutes long, without any of the credits. Feels good to be this far on it. This next month, audio. Anyone take a look at the trailer? Thoughts?
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    watch Never made a trailer like this before

    That was impressive. Looks very good. Fantastic job.
  11. lewis886

    watch The Rat Problem (Short Film) - Would love Feedback

    It was very interesting. More interesting than I thought it would be at first. It almost had a David Lynchian feel to it as it got further along. Sort of the craziness/absurdity of it mixed with a creepy dream/nightmare-like quality. There were a few times when I had trouble hearing the...
  12. lewis886

    watch Madelline (2018) teaser trailer

    Here is the teaser trailer for my upcoming film Madelline, starring Haley Bedocs. We just finished shooting a couple days ago, and I'm planning to release it Summer 2018. Madelline is the story of a girl trying to deal with the daily struggles of depression and social anxiety...
  13. lewis886

    watch NEPTUNE: A Planetary Biography - short documentary

    Thanks, JoeHall, glad you enjoyed it. I was actually most inspired by the original Cosmos. And I don't use a scope, sadly. I love space stuff, but I haven't gotten into amateur astronomy (yet). Thanks, John. Really glad you thought so. I actually spent more time writing it than I did doing...
  14. lewis886

    watch NEPTUNE: A Planetary Biography - short documentary

    Thank you, Wendy. I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much. It was a lot of fun to do. :cool: I did actually think about the changing-music thing a bit, and a friend who gave me feedback mentioned it. I decided that if it was any longer I would have, but I just felt that it was just short...
  15. lewis886

    watch NEPTUNE: A Planetary Biography - short documentary

    This is a short film that I made which examines the discovery and exploration of the planet Neptune, and what we know about it. It started when I read about the story of how Neptune was discovered. I'm a big space geek, and though I watch almost every space documentary I can get my hands on...
  16. lewis886

    I think I've painted myself into a plot hole.

    you could have him start to get chased by the cops as soon as he leaves that place, before he's even had a chance to dispose of it. while he's on the run he finds a place to stash the info real quick. later, under pressure, he reveals where he hid the evidence.
  17. lewis886

    What's the darkest most disturbing thriller ever made? i wish i had never even watched this movie.
  18. lewis886

    Camera advice anyone? please lemme know

    i got a canon vixia hf100, got a lens kit that cam with a wide angle lens, fisheye lens, and telephoto lens, plus a filter kit, an additional cleaning kit, and a memory card... takes some pretty great footage... got the whole setup for about $950 total. i'm very happy with it.
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    Hello, IndieTalk

    welcome :)
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    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    i watched 127 Hours. I thought it was pretty fantastic. Shot and edited incredibly well. Was one of the better book to movie translations I've seen. The only thing I would have done is to leave a few of the deleted scenes in there to slow the pace down a little bit. Seemed a bit too fast...