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  1. Constantin

    screenplay Bar scene question ...

    Hi there, I have a question about slug lines within a particular scene... Suppose we have two friends sitting on one end of a bar and they are looking across at a young woman, sitting alone on the other side of the bar. She is sufficiently distant that the men cannot hear anything from her...
  2. Constantin

    misc How do writers go about researching material to flesh out their characters?

    When I start writing a screenplay or story in general, I usually jump right in by outlining the story plot without much thought around character development; I usually add that in later. I am fast realizing this is like putting the proverbial cart before the horse. Seems to me I should first...
  3. Constantin

    critique Critique for a new HORROR movie outline - INNER SANCTUM

    Hi all, So I am just finishing up my ROMANCE webtoons series REBECCA'S LADDER so what better way to follow it up than with a HORROR story :) ================================== WEBTOON DESCRIPTION ================================== Would love any feedback on the outline and opening scene of...
  4. Constantin

    story Screenplay adapted to Webtoons

    Hi everyone, Check out Episode 01 of my original webtoons story, "Rebecca's Ladder". I adapted it from a screenplay I wrote for a customer who was gracious enough to allow me to publish it as a limited webtoon series. I really like this format and curious if anyone else here has ever adapted...
  5. Constantin

    misc One page challenge

    Was on DISCORD today checking out some fun activities for screenwriters and thought it would be cool to have similar activities here. They don't have to be the same activities but anything that inspires creativity might be cool! For example, One page challenge! The idea is the poster presents...
  6. Constantin

    website Trunk In The Trunk Gag

    Hello all, just posted my latest animated gag on my YouTube channel, where I take existing jokes and turn them into animated comics with voice overs and sound effects... Any feedback as always is appreciated
  7. Constantin

    dialogue Critique of a short comedy

    Hey folks...Here's a short comedy script I am about to hand over to a friend who will turn it into a neat animatic. I think a very cheap short film can be made out of it to! Any comments or suggests on how to improve my dialogue are always welcome
  8. Constantin

    format OFF SCREEN and CON'T on same CHARACTER Line

    How would I format the O.S and CON'T together on same line?
  9. Constantin

    critique Feedback - Plot Development for a Love Short Story

    Hello friends, I am writing an original short story and would love some feedback. I know the formatting needs work, and the scenes are misplaced in places, but I will fix that in future revisions. What I am wondering is how to improve the STORY. I was hoping to make it a 10 minute short but I...
  10. Constantin

    format Science Fiction Screenplay - A Short Story

    Hi There .... I am just completing a short story and need some advice about how to handle alien language and telepathy in terms of formatting it within a screenplay. I have attached what I have so far and any suggestions would be appreciated!
  11. Constantin

    treatment Need help with PLOT and TREATMENT

    Hello...I have a rather interesting request. I am trying to write a drama about two identical twins that grow up to be teens, but unaware that they have been separated (either at birth or very shortly after). Originally in my first draft (attached), the mom takes her twins home thinking that...
  12. Constantin

    story ROSHAMBO - An idea for a limited 5 episode series

    Greetings everyone I have had this idea for a multi episode series for a few weeks now and think its time to share it with like minded folks in hopes I can interest a few of you to contribute to it collaboratively. The plan is to present it first as a multi-episode motion comic series on...
  13. Constantin

    Hello From Guelph

    Hello, I am interested in the world of screenplays and found this forum