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  1. David Vasquez Jr.

    watch My zero budget music video reaches 44,000 hits!

    Hey filmmakers, Several months ago a friend and I wanted to make a music video. Like most guerrilla filmmakers, we had very limited resources. My semi-pro camera was stolen and all I had was a small handy-cam. We decided to go ahead and make do with what we had. I called a girl friend of mine...
  2. David Vasquez Jr.

    watch Roll Dogs 48 Hour Film Project San Diego 2010 Winner/Best Use of Character.

    Hey Forum friends! Over the weekend of July 16-18 2010, fifty two local film making teams competed in The 48 Hour Film Project San Diego. My brother and I took Winner for best use of character. I'm finally an award winning film maker! Check out the Directors Cut of my brother and I's award...
  3. David Vasquez Jr.

    watch Valentine music video. Check it out!

    Hello fellow film makers! Hope your projects are coming along well. Check out this Valentine music video I made for a friend. Hope you like it.
  4. David Vasquez Jr.

    watch Get'n Ready with Sensuous Divine 18 and over only!

    Hello fellow film makers and film makerets! Check out the first clip from my new series "Get'n Ready" with Sensuous Divine :yes: 18 and over only please!
  5. David Vasquez Jr.

    watch NICKELS AND DIMES underground classic guerrrilla film 18 and over please!!!

    Hello fellow film makers and aspiring film makers. I hope all is going well with whatever projects you might be working on ;) I'm pleased to announce the release of NICKELS AND DIMES to Youtube! NICKELS AND DIMES is my debut feature film. It's an underground comedy about nickel dime street...
  6. David Vasquez Jr.

    Hi There!

    Hi, I'm David Vasquez Jr. I'm a guerrilla film maker from Southern California. I finished my first feature film "NICKELS AND DIMES" in 2007. I'm excited to be here and hope to work with extremely talented people in the biz.