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    score The Cue Tube Scoring Competition 2020

    Hi All! I recently entered this film scoring competition and I was wondering if anyone else on this forum did or had come across the site? The Cue Tube is a brand-new platform and it's only just getting started, but the ultimate aim is to allow composers to showcase their portfolios and give...
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    misc Dilemma: 'Creative Differences'?

    Hi All I've been in talks with a client to write the soundtrack for their next film. I'm in a dilemma as to whether to get involved and am looking for advice. Although I’m a composer, this isn't just a music-related question; it's relevant to anyone signing on to a project. The feature itself...
  3. TheMusicBox

    Soundtrack composer available to collaborate

    Hi everyone I'm David Simkins, a composer looking to take on new projects in film, television, video games or other media. As an MA Music and Innovation student at the University of Bristol, my experience has been wide and varied and I would love to collaborate with you on your next production...
  4. TheMusicBox

    music Sample and Bit Rate vs File Size of Soundtrack Music

    Hi everyone I just have a question about the preferred sound quality for soundtrack music. I haven't really paid that much attention to this before, but I notice that I can produce files with a bit rate of anything between 80 and 320 kbps and sample rate of either 44.1 or 48 kHz. As far as I...
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    Final Battle Soundtrack

    Check out my latest soundtrack score! Imagine a soldier's last trudge into battle and their final triumph as you listen to "Victory": I hope you enjoy it! If you're interested in using the above score or...
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    Music Here! Perhaps we can help each other?

    Hello there! :hi: I am looking to increase my portfolio of experience as a film music composer and I reckon that perhaps we could help each other. I was wondering if there would be an opening for me to score music for you tailored to specific projects, with the aim of creating a further impact...