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  1. gooberman

    North Carolina

    Any filmmakers in NC?
  2. gooberman

    New, Not new

    Hey everyone... I was frequent poster here A couple years ago. I had big dreams to make something, anything. I never did. Life got in the way and has been in the way. Maybe soon Ill get back into it. Im here mainly for friends and motivation,
  3. gooberman

    Puppet Escape

    Id like to invite you all to take a look at a short film Im funding through GoFundme. A contribution is much appreciated and a share on a social network site is also appreciated. Thanks, Gabriel
  4. gooberman

    Indietalk mobile app UPDATE: IT on TapaTalk

    It would be awesome if we could get a mobile app for @indietalk is there any plans in the future for something like this? I would definitely pay .99$ or even 1.99$ for it on the App Store.
  5. gooberman

    watch Sydneys Cooking Show

    My daughter has been bugging me telling me she wants to be a star and she wants to have her own TV show. She's 4 so of course these things are as easy as pie in her mind. So I let her get in front of the camera and let her do her thing. As for right now this is her first "episode" but we are...
  6. gooberman

    Need FaceBook likes!

    Whats up everyone. I need 4 more likes on my FaceBook page to be able to see Insight info. PLEASE help me get there. Thanks everyone. Stellar community!
  7. gooberman

    Google+ Filmakers Circle

    Whats up everyone?!?! Long time no see! I Recently started a circle on google+ so if you all would check it out, Add yourselves, and +1 it, I would be much appreciative. You can type in the hash tag in the google+ search bar #filmmakerscircleshare Or you can follow this link...
  8. gooberman

    Muffleing sounds

    I'm making a video in which an explosion and gun shots will be heard from inside a building. I wont the sounds to be muffled like you would hear from them from inside of a building. Also, at one point in the video my main character will be walking towards the door leading to the outside so the...
  9. gooberman

    DIY Follow focus thingy

    Whats up IndieTalker's Today I bring you my Focusing Apperatus I made for my T2i. I made it using a PVC coupler, Hose clamp and A long Bolt. It works pretty good with my shoulder mount. Its a lot easier than doing it by hand. Please correct my if im wrong but i don't think you would call this...
  10. gooberman

    suggestions for search

    I have a suggestion for the search function. I trying to find a thread on using an Iphone 4 to record video for a short. I know the thread is out there, i've seen it. Anyways, I type "Iphone 4" in the search bar. It brings me to the "New posts" page and at the top says "The following words are...
  11. gooberman

    Want for free

    Does anyone have BROKEN audio adapter like this oneThat they would be willing to donate to me for the sake of reverse engineering. I am skilled with a soldering iron and have printed my own PCB's before. I think one of these adapters could be replicated for a lot less than what they are selling...
  12. gooberman

    DIY shoulder support...

    I made this shoulder support last night for my camera. Its prewtty sweet and turned out better than i though. I got the instructions for here. it only cost me about 30 dollars. In the top picture, on the left handle bar, you can see the bicylce gear shifter I will be using for a follow focus...
  13. gooberman

    Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 60FPS?

    So i was at walmart a couple days ago and in the electronics section, they had Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides playing. As i was walking past a 56 inch HD LED TV that was playing the BluRay version of the movie, something caught my attention. Not only did the movie look amazing, But...
  14. gooberman

    combat documentation production specialist

    Hello everyone, As many of you know I am in the army and come feb. 2013 my contract will come to an end and I will have the choice to either get out, re-up into the same job I'm in now or reclass and get a new military occupation. My plan is to reclass to a 25v combat documentation production...
  15. gooberman

    prepare to land!

    Hello indietalker! In 5 days i will be traveling to australia and jumping out of a plane to earn my foreign jump wings. I really want to take my T2i but im concerned that it wouldn't withstand the impact a paratrooper endures when hitting the ground. I will be jumping with a T-10D parachute...
  16. gooberman


    This sucks... My subscription run out in one month. What's with all these names in red on the front page? Is that something new?
  17. gooberman

    Google +

    I sure do wish someone would send me an invite to this. Just sayin.
  18. gooberman

    Codename: Prometheus

    My brother is working on this "secret" project for me. According to my wife I'm not supposed to know about it but I found it and I'm quite impressed. My brother should have blocked me before he asked for donations on Facebook. Check it out at
  19. gooberman

    Removing reflection I need a shot like the above picture except I need to remove the reflection from the aviators. Any ideas? I realize I could easily do this with after effects but is there any other way and if I do use after effects how do i get that convexed look?
  20. gooberman

    T2i help please!!!

    The weirdest thing has been happening the past couple days. My menu's in my T2i have been flipping almost like if you were to hold a book up to a mirror. I have a feeling that this has something to do with magic lantern. Has anyone else had this problem. Iv enclosed some examples below...