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    Product of Advanced Post-Production I

    So... This is what I made in Advanced Post-Production I, on Avid...
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    So I woke up this morning and hopped on Facebook. Pretty normal modern thing to do, right? Except my Facebook is flooded with all my classmates talking about another of our classmate's videos. Apparently it's started to go viral, starting at only like a thousand views from yesterday to quickly...
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    A/V Script Formatting Opinions

    So, in school I was only taught Spec Script formatting and had to learn others on my own (something that kind of upset me). I'm sitting at my computer almost 5am and I can't sleep because I have an idea in my mind that I think after years of letting it sit on the shelf, that I can finally do...
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    watch Mirrors [PROMO]

    Ayyyy! I worked on this project last year and have been readily waiting for the day this promo released! Not sure the status of my NDA on it, but I'm confident I can say I worked on it, and it was an awesome experience. Mirrors [Promo] is created for sending to investors to fund the entire...
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    Dolly Movement Thoughts

    Hey guys, So tonight I wrapped on a short my group has been working on for two months. It was pretty stressful to make sure everything turned out right from pre-production, building the set, and actually shooting the film.... But as we came to our last shots of the day we realized our...
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    Lights, Camera, Fame! . . . ?

    Hey guys! My favorite threads are the ones a bit more lighthearted and create discussions. So I thought I'd make another. We're all aspiring filmmakers and most likely at first we thought the fame would be amazing or the pay would be great, but I know some others are a bit more modest. Also a...
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    GOOSEBUMPS Thoughts,manual Confirmed Monster List: 30 R.L. Stine...
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    Sculpting Foam

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a particularly large sized sculpting foam, but I seem to be having a slight modern age problem. The companies that make this are basically geosites with web programming that has been outdated for years. Many are still using broken mailto:: which makes me even more...
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    Looking for a Script

    Hey guys! Let me explain myself really quickly before I get into the whole ad post and whatnot. As is well known, I'm a film student at Full Sail University and have been for coming on a year. During this time I have been involved in the creation of about 10 short films. The most recent of which...
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    Big Cookie

    I think I've seen this posted in three different threads now? I never really had a reason to talk about it on here. Since someone has very creepily done research on me to bring this to light, I guess I'll talk about it? It was an experiment between me and some other game designers. We always...
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    Anyone GTA?

    Lounge looked like it could use a random thread lol... And I have a LOT of free time in the coming days (for the next month really, aside from a few days I'm required on sets for a commercial and a short)... Anyways! Anyone play Grand Theft Auto Online? Perhaps with PS3? Perhaps they wanna play...
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    Spring 2015 Film Grants

    Thanks to NoFilmSchool for this helpful and long list of grants and deadlines. Enjoy guys.
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    Resolve .3 Crash

    Hey guys! I like the Blackmagic forums... (even if they didn't believe my legal name is Sky....)... but posts very often go unnoticed with that community... Anyways... I have a problem and perhaps I'm not the only colorist who uses Resolve here? Anyways... I'm switching my Resolve to Mac (I...
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    Can't find an old (and excellent) thread

    I hate to make this post because I normally would search the forums until I found it... but I've been looking hard for weeks. Someone has to have bookmarked this amazing thread. It's a kind of journal about building a bathroom set with TONS of excellent pictures that show their progress along...
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    Where'd you get your username?

    I saw this thread in a completely unrelated to film forum *cough*animesite*cough*.... and thought it would be fun? So anyways, all we do is explain where we got our usernames from or the influences to them. Get it? Simple. Considering what this forum is though, how about we go a step further...
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    FSNation 12 Days of Gear

    Full Sail is giving away free stuff for christmas... that's a promotion for them... so I guess I'll share it with you all through the promotion board? Yea. Logical. Anyways, Full Sail University does things like this pretty often, mainly for people who are already students on our Connect...
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    watch SkyTech Label - First Attempt Hey guys, Could I possible get some feedback on my first attempt to create a production label with after effects? I think my next attempt will be learning how to make a 3d space & particle simulation to make better clouds.
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    5 Nolan Movie Criticisms That Are Totally Valid Thought I'd share this interesting article. Thoughts?
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    Moving Out - Very Not Film Related

    Extremely random thread here.. just saying... Kinda a personal thought kinda thing.. but I don't go to social forums, so you're subjected to this :3 you're my only internet folk. ANYWAYS! I'm sure most of this forum are people older than me? Sooo I assume a lot of people here live on their...
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    Darren Bousman "A Family Affair" Darren Bousman, director of Saw II-IV, has a blog that I recently discovered and this post in particular peeked my interest enough to read it all. It's about his "indie" project called The Devil's Carnival and how he and his team decided to take...