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  1. PaulGriffith

    Camera Contest

    This is something worth entering. It's geared towards photographers, but there's a Canon 6D or Sony a7 in the prize both of which are great for video.
  2. PaulGriffith

    This is the MOST important aspect of filmmaking.

    I see it said a lot that ________ is the most important part of filmmaking. Some say story, some say acting, others say visual quality or sound quality and others will give a more business minded answer like cost or advertising. I've felt this way for a while, but the truth is, every element...
  3. PaulGriffith

    Feature Post

    Hey guys! Been a while since I've been active, it's been genuinely busy, but I see myself here quite a bit for the next few months. I just today started post production on a feature! I'm working with a production company in LA, they shot it May-October and they're handing ALL of post off to me...
  4. PaulGriffith

    Zoom H6

    This was announced a few days back, would love to hear our resident audio guys feedback and opinions on the "announced specs and features", after all, they could alway be way better or worse come release. Best features announced so far: Over 20 hours operation on 4AA batteries (Skeptical...
  5. PaulGriffith

    Video Codec for ProTools

    I have one client in particular that likes to do their own mix on every video. Works for me, but every time I send them video they have problems opening it in ProTools. It's been a bit of a head scratcher, because every other ProTools guys I work with has no problem opening any file I send be it...
  6. PaulGriffith

    watch Bunnyzilla - Easter Promo

    So, our Easter series at our church is "Easter, It's a Big Deal" and as one of the media guys it's my job to think up promo videos. I had an idea for this one that I just couldn't let go. The unofficial working title is "Bunnyzilla" and it involved a lot of cardboard boxes, construction paper...
  7. PaulGriffith

    Shot on what?

    So, every gear nerd has a deep desire to know all the tech ins and outs for the movies they watch, right? Well, just found out about a pretty killer site that not only lists what cameras and lenses, but even more detailed info down to the film stock and speed. Fun to read and dig through, hope...
  8. PaulGriffith

    watch Good Intentions - A Valentine Story

    Hey everyone! Wanted to share our latest project with you. This is another quick rom-com valentine themed one. Super short, hopefully good for a quick laugh :) For those that don't know, we make shorts that churches can use in service. We try to...
  9. PaulGriffith

    2013 Super Bowl

    So, not normally a massive football fan, but I'm spending the next couple of days prepping my edit system and consolidating hard drives getting ready to head to New Orleans and shoot/edit during Super Bowl media week. Along with a few guys from our team, I'll be shooting b-roll and interviews...
  10. PaulGriffith

    The Sony A99 - Full Frame SLT Camera

    Sony just announced their new digital camera, it's the world's first digital, full frame camera with a pellicle mirror. Instead of flipping up to block the eye piece and expose the sensor, it's two way glass so the sensor and optical viewfinder can see through the lens simultaneously. Only...
  11. PaulGriffith

    Audio Monitor Placement

    Hey everyone, I've been asking a lot of questions lately, this one is for the audio pros. I'm setting up a new edit suite in two weeks and have some new monitors. It's a traditional post suite: desk/computer towards the back of the room facing the far wall, couch immediately in front of desk...
  12. PaulGriffith

    GH3 Specs Leaked

    Drool away! What do you guys think? Codec and audio grip sound like the best feature upgrades to me. No 24p though?
  13. PaulGriffith

    Another "Top X" - Musical Scenes

    Hey! So, doing research for something that could turn out to be pretty cool. It might be obvious by the blatant question being asked, but yeah, looking into doing a musical. I've seen some of the classic musicals, not too many modern musicals, so for those who have seen ANY movie musical...
  14. PaulGriffith

    8mm Telecine

    Hey, for those of you that have done it, where's the best place to get 8mm telecine and a digital file from? I'm working with a new client that has an 8mm reel from the 70's she wants incorporated, it's already developed, just need a usable version. How long is turnaround? Thanks for the help!
  15. PaulGriffith

    favorite Favorite On-Screen Super Powers?

    Hey guys! After a long summer where pretty much our entire team was busy with other projects, we're jumping back into production and it looks like our first scheduled shoot is going to be an effects/choreography test scene for a larger future project. We've done a lot of action and stories...
  16. PaulGriffith

    Ikan Product Review

    Hey guys! So, get this: I mentioned in a thread a while back that "I'm not a fan of Ikan hardware". Well, Ikan customer service recently contacted me after reading the comment and opened up a great dialogue and it turns out that I'm local to their main office. This last Friday I stopped by, met...
  17. PaulGriffith

    Ikan Cinema Forms for iPad

    Ikan launched what seems to be a pretty killer app for iPad today: Cinema Forms. $9.99 Note: My iPad's batteries are totally flat, so not testing it out yet. This is all from the email I got. I'll be trying it later and update with a review. There's usually enough iPads on set that if we...
  18. PaulGriffith

    Element 3D - 3D Particle System for AE

    So! Kind of surprised it hasn't been brought up here yet... For those who haven't hear, Video Copilot just released their new plug in, Element 3D. It's a full 3D particle system for After Effects, but you can use it to bring in single models too. It has some powerful animation tools and works...
  19. PaulGriffith

    My new site!

    Just launched my new website, considering my last site hadn't been updated in two years haha. Also, for the first time ever for me, a show reel! Had some help in the premiere screening room with the show reel, thanks for the input there...
  20. PaulGriffith

    Just installed a CUDA Card...

    So I just installed a GTX 470 in my Mac Pro and wow, Mercury hardware accelerated playback is amazing! I ran effect after effect layered on top of each other on an uncompressed file in Premiere with zero rendering and instant playback. It runs VideoCopilot's new Element 3D fantastic as well...