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  1. Lucky Hardwood

    action Best Intimate Sex Scene

    I have a story that requires a sex scene. This is the first time I have ever felt that a story needed a sex scene. The scene is not about the sex, but about the relationship of the characters and their deep love for and devotion to each other. As a little background, the couple in question...
  2. Lucky Hardwood

    format Looking for a Link to a Screenplay With a Friendly Basketball Game

    I'm writing a story in which the protagonist is playing a 3 on 3 pickup game with friends. The point of the scene is the interaction between the characters with the game as a backdrop. There will be lots of trash talk and ball busting. I'm looking for a link to a screenplay with a...
  3. Lucky Hardwood

    watch My YouTube Videos

    I will post links to my YouTube channel (Guitar Goomba) videos here. Please let me know what I can do better (everything) and how I can make them better. I have uploaded 10 videos so far, and I think they have improved. They just are not up to what I would like them to be. Episode 1...
  4. Lucky Hardwood

    Pre-Production For Documentary

    A friend and I are in the early stages of pre-pro for a feature documentary covering a very specific (and kinda disturbing) sexual fetish. Neither of us has ever made a documentary, so I am looking for tips and advice from those of you who have been down this road. We are also looking for key...
  5. Lucky Hardwood

    Canon 50mm f1.4 Lens

    Does anyone have this lens and would like to loan it to me for a couple of days to conduct a Canon 50mm lens comparison? I am looking to film a three way comparison/shootout of the available Canon brand 50mm lenses. I already have the 50mm f1.8 II and the 50mm f1.2L. I will cover insured...
  6. Lucky Hardwood

    Inexpensive Sound Treatment

    As you audio guys know, the sound for my web series is abysmal. The production reality that I have to live with is that I am shooting in an actual concrete and steel bunker. I also do not own the property so cannot drill into the walls. The space that I use is 13'4"X17'2"X9'. What can I do...
  7. Lucky Hardwood

    watch Inside The Bunker

    This is the first of four promotional videos for my new web series, Inside The Bunker. This promo features The Girl With The Guns.
  8. Lucky Hardwood

    Kevin Smith Movie

    By request, here is the first 22 pages of the feature that I wrote which requires Kevin Smith to get made. Google Docs trashed the formatting. Feedback is welcomed.
  9. Lucky Hardwood

    Yes YOU can

    The goal of this thread is for people to state what they think they can't do and get help from others on how to accomplish the desired effect within the OP's means. For example, if you were to say "I have written this kick ass high speed car chase for my movie but I can't afford a professional...
  10. Lucky Hardwood

    Web Series Development

    I am about to (finally) begin production on two web series. One of the series is mine and the other is my producer's. I have my location and props for my series and my producer is finalizing things for hers. Thanks to posts on this very forum, I will wait to post any of the episodes until I...
  11. Lucky Hardwood

    One Million Dollars?

    What would you do with a million dollars? Let me set this one up for you; a good friend of yours comes into a huge amount of money (Powerball, rich relative, whatever) and gives you $1,000,000.00 with the only condition being that you must spend all of it on your filmmaking/creative endeavors...
  12. Lucky Hardwood

    My Dream Camera

    What I would absolutely love to see made is a full frame (or medium format) digital film camera. By that I mean a camera that shoots 24 individual frames per second (for a start). The sensor in a 5D mkIII shoots CR2 (raw) images at over 5K resolution. With a single Digic V processor, the 5D...
  13. Lucky Hardwood

    Union Scale Rates

    I need to knock up a budget proposal for the documentary that I'm working on getting funded. Since the restaurant chain that has asked for this is so large and international, I imagine that they would want to go with union workers. Since my experience in the industry does not cover union...
  14. Lucky Hardwood

    Documentary Project

    I've been approached to make a documentary about a group of power lifters. At first I thought it was a stupid idea, but I try to explore all opportunities that come my way. I initially thought that I would do the film as long as they had enough budget to either pay me decently or make a good...
  15. Lucky Hardwood

    Canon 50mm f1.8 and 85mm f1.8 Lenses For Sale

    I have upgraded my 50 and 85 mm lenses to f1.2L so I am offering my f1.8 lenses for sale. The 50 is the "nifty 50" plastic mount that much ado is made of. I will sell it for $75US shipped anywhere in the continental United States. The other is the 85mm f1.8 USM. I will sell it for $200US...
  16. Lucky Hardwood

    Brand New Canon 6D

    I was at the camera store setting up my pre-order for next month when my buddy showed me the brand new Canon 6D camera. The 6D is a full frame camera that slots between the 5D and 7D in terms of features and price. After spending some quality time with it, my impression is that it is a 7D with...
  17. Lucky Hardwood

    $100,000.00 Question

    If you had 100k in the bank and no bills, what would you do with the money? Just to clarify, you have no mortgage, aren't homeless, have new cars that are paid off, and have no debts other than monthly utilities and such. You don't have to say anything film related, but you don't need to avoid...
  18. Lucky Hardwood

    Canon 1Dx vs Red vs Black Magic vs ?

    I am looking at buying a new camera. As you might be able to tell from the title, I'm looking on the upper low end of prosumer/entry pro type of gear. Keep in mind that I have no illusions of becoming a professional cinematographer. I have a number of projects that may or may not be...
  19. Lucky Hardwood

    Sun And Sand Festival

    According to the press release I just got, the Mississippi Gulf Coast is hosting it's first annual film and music festival. They have an open submission period right now until September 21, 2012. They are accepting music videos, TV, documentaries, and features. The festival is scheduled for...
  20. Lucky Hardwood

    Reality TV Audio

    We really should have a separate forum just for audio questions, tips and techniques. On to my question for the resident audio gurus. If I end up shooting my fake reality show myself, I need to know how genuine reality shows are recorded. I know that there is a boom operator (or several) to...