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    video How to create chapters/ad breaks for Filmhub delivery

    Has anyone ever created chapters/ad breaks for Filmhub delivery? How is this done? Is there a software program or can you create a simple text file?
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    budget Budgets of reality shows?

    Does anyone know what the budgets are to produce a season of reality shows that you see on TV? A million? 3 million? 5 million? 10 million? Some shows like American Greed have a lot B-roll footage, reenactments, and interviews, while others like Life Below Zero seem more involved as far as...
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    news Distribber closed down

    I heard from a filmmaker that Distribber is basically closed down (can't log on to the site) and they owe him money. Looks like they are heading into bankruptcy.
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    distribution Amazon Prime royalty rate now down to just 1 cent per hour!

    I remember when Amazon was paying 16 cents per hour. For the last year or so they were paying 4 cents. Well now it's down to 1 cent as of Jan 1st! Amazon is just about as much of a drop in the bucket as YouTube. Your content is about worthless...
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    press-release My policically charged Mockumentary

    "Life After Republicans, a Mockumentary". Welcome to America, Republican population: ZERO!!! This critically acclaimed film examines what would happen if every Republican were to suddenly vanish and Democrats were left in charge. In this thought experiment, scientists and other experts speculate...
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    marketing How to get press release out?

    I'm just about done with my politically charged Mockumentary short that makes fun of Democrats. Anyone know of any services that allow you to do a press release all on one fell swoop? I'm gonna email conservative news link sites like DrudgeReport, TheLibertyDaily and CitizenFreePress. I know...
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    sound-fx Effects for narration track

    Anyone ever heard of applying the haas effect to narration to "beef" it up? A little dash of extra compression at the mixing stage? I'm now working on mixing the sound for my Mockumentary parody of Life After People.
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    Most popular sites for casting?

    What are the most actor-packed sites for finding talent in LA? Backstage / Actor's Access? NowCasting? Craig's List?
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    After Effects help

    Anyone know what tool(s) I would use to warp a video clip in AE in this manner? I am only able to manipulate a mask in this shape. Of course the mask doesn't effect the warping of the video clip.
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    Lens for short focal length

    Newbe question: What specs would I need to look for when shopping for a lens that gives you that short focal length so that you can blur the background behind a subject that you are filming? Is it the F stop? Would I look for F1.4 or something like that? I'm lens shopping for my Sony A6300.
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    Video editing software that imports Pro Res

    Just bought this Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate. Can't import Pro Res 422 files. It just crashes. Are there any that support Pro Res besides the expensive programs like Final Cut?
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    Where to find low cost voiceover talent?

    Can anyone recommend sites to find low cost voiceover narration talent? I found some sites but they want $1,500 for a 1,000 word project. Not gonna shell out that kind of money for just a YouTube / Internet release mockumentary! I doubt I will find the voice I'm looking for. I need a deep...
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    Low prices on stock video

    Someone recommended for lots of royalty free videos and images. Great site and FREE! Beyond that, you will notice that Shutterstock, iStock, Adobe and a few other big names are cost prohibitive. iStock gives you 36 videos for $325. Ouch! Shutterstock is $79 per video clip...
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    Bottom rate for actors

    What is the very low end of the spectrum that people are paying actors in LA? I'm shooting a short for YouTube mainly. Need an "expert" to do just a few lines. Half a page maybe. Shooting at a park near the talent or where ever is convenient for them. Auditioning by email. So it would be very...
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    Sony A6300

    My Sony A6300 just arrived today. Anyone own this camera? I'm memory card shopping. Only need 1080p -- No need for 4K right now. Would like to shoot some slow mo. I'm assuming that all I need for a 32 GB card is SDHC, AVCHD. What MB/S would I look for?
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    distribution Alternatives to iTunes and Amazon Video Direct?

    I'm looking for an alternative online movie viewing service besides iTunes and Amazon Video Direct. Is there a small independent site that pays you revenue per stream?
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    Cost to hire a good voiceover guy?

    I have about 2 pages of narration needed for a YouTube video. Less than 10% of the voices I have heard fit what I need, and those small few have big lists of credits. I worry that they may be way out of my budget. In looking at some of these voiceover talent websites there's no guidelines as to...
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    Powder used by makeup artists?

    Alright I'm a guy. I know NOTHING about makeup. I've noticed that makeup artists brush on a powder to take the oily reflection off people's faces. What product do they use?
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    camera-dept Best camera for $200 - $300

    I saw Casey Neistat giving high praise for the Canon S120, but his video is over 3 years old and the S120 is apparently no longer made. But is it still the best camera for video, used in the $200 to $300 range?
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    Has anyone used GoFundMe ?

    Has anyone ever used GoFundMe to raise money for a production? I'm trying to raise about $500 to $750 to buy iStock video clips for just a 15 minute YouTube video, although it's a comedy that makes fun of Democrats. In times like these, people are VERY passionate about politics. It's also a...