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  1. Felix Mater Society

    press-release Last First - new film in pre-production

    Currently in pre-production. Last First (UK 2021) Two women and one man in a special boat. A shortfilm by Kate Strafford By a story written by Martin Keady Stay tuned! Check FB, Twitter #LastFirst
  2. Felix Mater Society


    A correct resume from my point of view. In my projects I always try to advice to offer something instead of asking for free money. For example: Often food and accommodation is a huge sum on an independent film budget. But with some creative ideas and some effort (costs an experienced film team...
  3. Felix Mater Society

    financing Funding for a student thesis film

    Hi chahermosa You can look for 'Felix Mater Society' on Google. I have a Website and Social Media channels. Kind regards Gian Keller
  4. Felix Mater Society

    financing Funding for a student thesis film

    Hello chahermosa Crowdfunding is a very difficult and time consuming way to fund a thesis student film. The main reason for that is that crowdfunding does not mean that random people give you money for your project. To be successful you must have a fanbase and people that want to see your next...
  5. Felix Mater Society


    Dear fellows My name is Gian Keller and I'm running the Independent Film Production initiative 'Felix Mater Society'. I found this platform through Twitter and thought that I may can bring value to some discussions with sharing my experience in independent film production. I wish you all a lot...