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    Inciting event timing and amount of action

    I have went with a completely new approach with a treatment for a screenplay i have been trying to write for years. I basically changed the tone and made the charachters a lot younger and smarter than they originally were the oldest person in the core group of closely knit charachters besides...
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    Raise Britannic Treatment.

    It was meant to have a chronicle like feel I guess. Raise The Britannic Treatment By Raymond Lee Leggs 1/30/2017 Version 1.0 (gritty grounded realistic) Our Little (BIG) movie begins with a shot of the Wreck of the HMHS Britannic...
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    How to write a Semi Limited location movie without padding?

    How do you write a Semi limited location film without it feeling like you're just trying to pad it out after scaling it down too much. Lets just say your FIRST HALF or so of the script takes place in a limited location, like a Plane, bus, yatch, train, or a cruise ship that got stranded on an...
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    Adapting a novel, but not adapting the whole novel.

    what is the best way to do this. I originally started out years ago writing a fan remake of a movie that was adapted from a book over 20 years ago, i used the original movie as a template, and added more tuff from the book. over time i decided to re do it into something original, eschewing...
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    Dated premise

    How do you know if your premise is outdated?
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    thriller with no villain?

    I keep writing treatments for my thriller raise britannic. the problem is i cant get the villain right. The villain is supposed to be trying to stop the main characters from convincing the UN to raise the britannic in order to get the cure for the virus, but it feels as if it wouldn't make sense...
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    What is the white board and screen for?

    What is the white board and screen for?
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    John Hinkley Jr. movie?

    If I did a movie that depicted John Hinkley Jr. Who we all know tried to kill Ronald Reagan because he was obsessed with the movie Taxi Driver and Jodie Foster. Would there have to be any permission to do so. I'm looking for something small to do as a first feature, after I get my shorts done...
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    Long scenes

    My story requires for quite a few of long scenes in of enclosed locations, and I want to know how to keep it tense and exciting, but not gimicky or corny, or WAY overdone like a lot of B movies, which have done something similar takes place. I plan on in the future filming one of these scenes...
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    Can a script be too small in scope?

    Can a screenplay be too small in scope? I mean is if the story and premise on the surface would automatically label it as a potential block buster, but the script sticks to mostly the same hand full locations for long periods of time.
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    Killing off the lead and bringing them back for the climax?

    I was thinking about killing off my female lead, who is the main charachter somewhere in the middle of the second act, then they come back just in time to save the secondary charachter during the final shootout. Most movies tend to do this at the end, or even have the character be resurrected...
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    Settled on my final Idea.

    I just settled on the final Idea, for the feature of which I will no longer name. For a while. This will be one of my last posts about this film in a long time. So I can focus on writing my short "Daisy May". I decided to go with he heist version, with a twist, unlike your typical hiest...
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    Got an Idea for a smaller scale feature script called "Austere" it's about a man who just got out of prison assault. (somebody tried to kill him so he stabbed him) and he goes around town with his daughter, looking for a decent paying job. There is a sub plot about a series of murders and the...
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    My New Blog!

    I gave it a nice honest :yes: title too!
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    People In the industry will NEVER work with

    Sounds like I'd burn bridges in hollywood with this but I have set it out that if I can somehow get my dream movie made, by making good short films, these are the people I would avoid reason why. They ruin your film. Make it flop! (names removed) They recut your film into generic undeveloped...
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    If a movie..

    If a movie has a similar premise and title of another movie can you be sued? Even if the other movie is 70% different than the other movie?
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    Technological thrillers

    Why does it seem so had to write a good tech thriller that doesn't come off as anticlimactic, or gimicky Or worse the movie gets so caught up in the machinery,and tech that the story takes a back seat. Examples, The sum of all fears, Eagle Eye, Stealth, Firewall, Tom Clancy's Net-force. I...
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    Found some big reasons why my feature script is not working.

    I found some reasons why my feature script i discussed lots of time is not working. Number one. The love story, Not only does it fall into the cliche that ALL women who stand up and fight are lesbians, but it also makes everything forced, predictable (annoying) and gets in the way of the main...
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    How Do you write a found-footage movie?

    How do you write a found-footage movie? I was wondering because the film's format seems to be a lot different than your normal strait-narrative movie.
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    Celtx vs other softwares.

    I'm using CELTX right now. How does it compare to all the other screen writing software out there? seems to be quite a lot to choose from