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    HI. just joined, im making a movie.

    :hi: Salut, Johnny ! What part of France ?
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    Space image lost

    :lol: That's what YouTube says about my viewing history!
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    Space image lost

    How much of a while back? I don't recognise the description, but it sounds like it might have been one of the images associated with the James Webb telescope, possibly a representation of the alignment and calibration of the multiple mirrors that make up the main "lens".
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    Post the best Indie short film you've ever seen

    Give us time to react! I haven't watched them yet, because these are "at home" days right now ... which means I'm working in the garden till about 9pm, and only get started on indoor stuff (like cooking and eating) after that. Most of the YT videos I "watch" at the moment are monologues with...
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    Post the best Indie short film you've ever seen

    Don't know if I'd rate it "the best" (coz I'm more of the "it depends" school of thought) but if you want something good and definitely the kind of thing you're unlikely to have seen, then this should fit: The subject matter can possibly only be fully appreciated by the nichest of niche...
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    screenplay Chekhov's gun in the modern era

    Aren't you confounding two different notions: that of the script writer and that of set decorator? From the script-writer's point of view - or perhaps more accurately, from the script reader's point of view - there should be no superfluous description in the text, allowing the director and the...
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    camera Any advice for three camera, three person discussion set-up

    Might be too late, if you've already shot this discussion, but if not (or for future readers of this thread) here are some additional points to consider: First of all, using only natural lighting will present certain challenges that should not be ignored. Unless the space is set up in such a...
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    lighting Cumberbatch Lighting Q

    :grumpy: Wut??? Real photographers don't use any light at all. Or tripods. Or models. Heck, the most realistic don't even use cameras. :lol:
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    :hi: Salut Karleener. Je vais traverser (et séjourner dans) la Bourgogne ce weekend - trajet habituel entre l'Indre et le Haut-Rhin.
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    I just wrote out a scene about a ships stored in space.

    There are a fair few storylines around that include that paradox, quickly explained by a timewarp of some kind. Sphere is the first one that comes to mind.
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    New Arrival

    :hi: Greetings, Waal!
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    lighting Cumberbatch Lighting Q

    You can, but you'd need to keep the lights on for ages, burning through the bulbs, your retinas and your local fossil fuel supply! For the most part, when you're taking a portrait, you want the sharpest possible image, so the fastest possible shutter speed and (probably) a low iso. As well as...
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    lighting Cumberbatch Lighting Q

    An entirely different style of portrait, but this video shows how remote-activated flash can be used to good effect with both entry-level and higher-spec gear. You'll see that he uses the optical slave technique on the higher spec equipment rather than a radio trigger. A couple of other...
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    lighting Cumberbatch Lighting Q

    Complex, yes, but not (necessarily) expensive. Reliable optical slaves are about 10$ a piece, reliable calibratable flashes 50$ a piece. After that, you can multiply the bangs for your bucks using mirrors and other reflective surfaces and a few dozen C-stands and other simple supports. I've done...
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    lighting Cumberbatch Lighting Q

    I presume you're referring to the ring-flash, mounted on/around the lens? It's primary purpose will have been to create that harsh light on the centre of BC's face, without excessively lighting the background. Can't say from what's shown in the video, but the ring flash may also be triggering...
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    lighting Cumberbatch Lighting Q

    No, not impossible in/for a static image. A careful use of longer-than-average focal lengths would allow Mr. C to be positioned sufficiently far forward of the background to allow for two different planes of lighting, with snoots and barn doors to keep spill between the two to a minimum. And...
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    A little about ME.

    :hi: Greetings, Tulika
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    Hello Everybody

    :hi:Ciao, Fabrizzio
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    announcement It's Pro-Appreciation Week!

    :eek: Satnav must be broken - how did I end up here?
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    Hello from the UK

    :hi: Cross-channel greetings!