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    using music samples in youtube videos

    sorry if this isn't the place to ask, but you guys might know if i have a 10 minute video and i use little song samples here and there is it going to be an issue? 3-20 seconds max i guess let's say i reversed the audio, sped it up, or stretched it out.. or distorted it or whatever, will it...
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    video cards

    i've got a 1060 in here and it gets the job done, but previewing (in vegas) gets pretty jolty and almost undoable when fx are loaded is a 1080 what i want? will that do the trick?
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    Sony Vegas 13...

    i can't believe this thing is actually a product that was sold. useless. nevermind the crashing on a regular basis, how about how clunky and cunty the fucking thing is. it could've been good, it has a nice overall feel but holy shit do i hate this motherfucker.................. is premiere...