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  1. richy

    streaming A Fascinating Take on YouTube Productions and Prospects…

    …from a former network executive.
  2. richy

    music The Scoring Apocalypse

    This is not the same topic, but close enough to be reminded of it and to take the opportunity to recommend it to you. Recording studios are in similar straits. I'm a sucker for entertainment documentaries.
  3. richy

    series Better Call Saul (final season)

    "If I were chinese or something I dont think I would be able to tell them apart" Best comment ever of all time. :lol: It is a good show. Nobody is also worth a watch.
  4. richy

    news John Cameron Mitchell’s Erotic Romp ‘Shortbus’ Was the First and Last of Its Kind

    Lol. No, this film couldn't and wouldn't be made now. I didn't know it had become unavailable. At least it's available again. I guess it's true the '90s, possibly including the aughts, were the peak and the end of liberal achievement. And now, even the filmmaker and fool manages to blame...
  5. richy

    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Oh good Lord. Talk about a revolving door. Normally I'm repelled by bands that kick decent blokes and musicians out of their bands. But I guess it's a business. The man knows what he wants, and if folks get in the way of that, well… Not one of my favorite bands, but I like music and...
  6. richy

    Help one of our longest running forum members get back on their feet

    Hey, Alcove. Can you give us an update on how you and your family are doing? Zero pressure, gang. Hey it's cool if you can't. But I encourage anyone who has benefitted from or enjoyed Alcove's generous sharing of his time, wisdom, and expertise over these long years to consider even a small...
  7. richy

    Where is the Bald Man?

    Where is the Bald Man? I enjoy the Bald Man. Paging the Bald Man. Paging the Bald Man. ASAP.
  8. richy

    movies Rate the Vampire Movies

    Rate and evaluate the vampire movies, 1 being tops, 57 being lower, and on down the line and so on.
  9. richy

    Ultra violent High Fantasy Graphic Novel Adaptation

    Hey cool. Not sure, been a while for me. I'd go look at the Screenwriting forum to see how people are sharing those these days. Folks used to use Google Docs, if I recall correctly. Check it out. Rock on, man.
  10. richy

    What are you listening to right NOW!

    Bonus Track:
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    movies Dune Sucks

    Hahah. I sympathize with some of your gripes about Dune. And I don't care much for the 2021 version for reasons of my own. It's not nearly as good as Dune 1984, which is mostly awesome. The reason for fighting with swords is because they use those force fields. In addition to Feotus' excellent...
  12. richy

    misc Accidental shooting death on Alec Baldwin set.

    Daily Mail: more info
  13. richy

    Help one of our longest running forum members get back on their feet

    Thank you for doing this, Nate. Good of you.
  14. richy


    Well this really sucks, man. So sorry to hear it. Would a GoFundMe do any good? Hope things are getting at least a little more sorted out since your last post.
  15. richy

    movies Ok, I think we should probably discuss "The Green Knight"

    Awesome. I'm sure you're right about that. I figured that was the likely explanation, too. But that leads me to another question, or at least to a thought.
  16. richy

    movies Ok, I think we should probably discuss "The Green Knight"

    Despite some things I don't like, overall I liked The Green Knight quiet a bit. It's pretty straight forward, especially after you've read summaries of the original tales. Pedramyz did a fine job of explaining it. For me there's still a head scratcher. Maybe you can explain it, Pedramyz. It is...
  17. richy

    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    All that Glitters: Britain's Next Jewellery Star. Utter trash. Most (not all) of the soundtrack's music, the bit I got through, was just atrocious, almost unbearable. Then, in Episode One, presenter Katherine Ryan, speaking to a South Asian female contestant who finds herself in a difficult...
  18. richy

    movies What are you watching rn?

    I am on Season One, Episode 4 of Westworld and really digging it. Most likely it will go south, but for now I'm pleasantly surprised, impressed, and engaged.
  19. richy

    favorite What's your favorite movie of your least favorite genre?

    Well, in my rape old age LOL, for musicals that would probably have to be Paint Your Wagon. Wait, I do love Tangled, so if that's a musical then that. For comedies, maybe Army of Darkness.
  20. richy

    streaming Amazon Prime Finally Provides a Much Needed Feature It Lacked

    It looks like Amazon Prime finally got a Continue Watching category to help me keep track of films I may still want to finish. Blessed be.