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  1. Frikanih

    My 13 years evolution of filmmaking!

    It's been a while since the last time I logged in here, life has kept me busy... I thought maybe some of you would enjoy this video I made for building myself up! I created my actual first "movie" when I was about 7 or 8, but in this video I've focused on my VFX career (since 2009!), because...
  2. Frikanih

    Bots and Spammers might appear on your emails!

    So I got this email, and I don't even own a website. I know y'all easily would identify the scammer, but still I think it's good to share so that you're 100% aware. Be careful!
  3. Frikanih

    Are you ashamed of it? I wanna see it.

    So we all have done stuff that later say "Why?", right? Well, I bought a Nintendo Power Glove and instantly made this video. And that's the name of the video. I want to see your most "Why?" stuff! Let the Random Royale begin! 🤪
  4. Frikanih

    A Terminator Trailer I did for Adobe!

    Some years ago Adobe created a contest where you had to create your own trailer for the latest Terminatior movie. The main prize was $10,000 and a projection of your job in Adobe's offices. Great opportunity! Well... I got the first place, but Spain wasn't included in the contest and I didn't...
  5. Frikanih

    "CYNTHIA" - 2 minutes Short Film!

    Disclaimer!! (I'm the only one who constantly needs to write this, right? Sorry about my traumas!) So I was tired of always editing for everybody and never being able to work as a Director, so I created this short film that doesn't even have dialogue: "Cynthia". I focused myself on getting a...
  6. Frikanih

    directing Why I give credit to EVERYBODY

    Hi everybody! Thanks for clicking in! So a week and a half maybe has passed since I joined indietalk, and I've seen a lot of people sharing thoughts and the vibes in this site is pretty awesome, so I thought maybe I could share my experience on, probably, the most underrated thing in a movie...
  7. Frikanih

    Which is your native language?

    So from what I know all these years working in the audiovisual industry online, is that all of us speak english but many of us have a different mother tongue! I want my movies to be as accessible as possible, and I would REALLY appreciate some bilingual users to help me out translating...
  8. Frikanih

    "Kiliam City" - 2 minutes Cyberpunk Short

    So I read around that it's hard for you guys to see long productions because of time. Well, "Kiliam City" is just 2 minutes long, although it took me 2 months of fully dedicating myself to the project and nothing else! It was a huge amount of 3D work, chroma-keying, and creativity for getting an...
  9. Frikanih

    Revenge, XXX & Katana - Mi first feature film!

    So during the quarantine I decided to take the step and make my first feature film, it's in Spanish but English subtitles are available! This is probably one of my most personal works, for I was raised inside the bubble of religion, and with this movie I wanted to do EVERYTHING that was ever...
  10. Frikanih

    Ebony Boombox - Grindhouse Short Film!

    Hi everybody! So I want to become a film director, and I've been doing short films for a loooong time, mainly grindhouse b-movies with zero budget, but still we take creativity to its limit and try to make cool stuff! This was my first zero-budget short, so if you like this one, you'll probably...
  11. Frikanih

    The Frikanih Logs In!

    Hi there! So I'm a director that has been making films since I was... 7? I really LOVE cinema and I'm looking for both job partners and friends! I mainly make zero-budget movies, but that doesn't hold them back from being awesome! Luckily for me, Blender and After Effects happen to exist and I...