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    AT&T is seeking filmmakers to capture authentic stories - $43,700 in awards

    AT&T is seeking filmmakers to capture authentic stories from passionate business owners and explore how technology helps them grow and succeed. $43,700 in awards will be split up between the winners! Entry deadline: Oct 5th. Click here to see more.
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    HISTORY Channel's The World Wars IndieTalk CONTEST

    HISTORY Channel's The World Wars! PREMIERE DATE: Memorial Day, May 26 at 9pm ET on HISTORY SERIES RUN DATES: May 26-May 28 at 9PM ET on HISTORY The global event will be broadcast on H2 and in more than 160 countries worldwide later this summer IndieTalk members: HISTORY wants to know what you...
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    Document Records - For Blues, Jazz, Country, more...

    IndieTalk recommends Document Records If you're looking for rare, classic, vintage Blues, Jazz, Boogie-woogie, Gospel and Country music then you have come to the right place. Many call it the place. Visit now If you have any questions please email...
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    announcement Forum Rules

    Welcome to IndieTalk! Please enjoy the forums and follow these simple rules. One account per person. No cross-posting. Cross-posting is cutting and pasting the same post to multiple forum categories. Please choose the most appropriate forum for your post, and post it there. Cross-posting is...