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  1. mlesemann

    marketing Which social media platforms do you use for film-related marketing?

    The focus on FB is generally around pages for individual movies, in my opinion.
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    misc 3D Audio / Sound for Film?

    I LOVED Lonsgstreet - thanks for the good memory :) The movie with a blind protagonist that I remember from my childhood is "Wait Until Dark" with Audrey Hepburn.
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    Hey there! I’m so happy to be here.

    Welcome to IndieTalk!
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    favorite Favorite Scenes/Sequences Ever

    The final scene of Lost in Translation, where Bob (Bill Murray) gets out of the cab in Tokyo traffic, runs after Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson), and whispers something inaudible in her ear.
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    Welcome to IndieTalk!
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    announcement Follow us on social media, we follow back!

    ooohhhhh! I'm the first Instagram follower :)
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    misc Dilemma: 'Creative Differences'?

    I haven't had exactly that experience, but I HAVE had situations where the potential client rubbed me the wrong way after a few discussions. One time I kept going, completed the project, and we were both pretty well happy with it. The second time, the feeling was stronger and the person was...
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    Welcome to IndieTalk!
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    [Dec 3] What are you working on this week?

    Outlining a screenplay that I'm adapting from a book.
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    directing Directing crisis

    On my first feature, a major supporting actor pulled out the day after the table read due to a "scheduling conflict." I never figured out if it it was something about the script (which he'd had for a while), or he didn't like someone in the cast, or....whatever. We were able to replace him...
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    Hi my name is Matthew

    Welcome to IndieTalk!
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    Hi! My name is James and I am a Script Reader and aspiring screenwriter.

    Welcome to IndieTalk! I'm always delighted to see another screenwriter on here :)
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    Hi! My name is Michael Marc Friedman and I am a filmmaker!

    Welcome to IndieTalk!
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    movie-talk What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Agree! I'm taking my 85 year old movie-loving mother to see it next week :) Leo's performance was indeed spot on, and Brad Pitt hasn't looked that good since Thelma and Louise
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    directing Work smarter, not harder

    Know when enough takes are enough. It may not be when you got EXACTLY what you want, but when it's good enough and it's time to move on. I say this wearing my producer's hat rather than my screenwriter's hat, and I'm not a director. But time is money - sometimes a lot of it - and there are...
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    directing Directing crisis

    I agree!
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    call-for-entries ALL movies and screenplays are welcome at WALLACHIA Intl Film Fest

    I had to google to find out that Wallachia is in Romania - very cool and definitely different! Best of luck.