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  1. tokenwhiteboy

    Trailers that work...

    So I'm going to start this thread that is basically me seeing a trailer and then HAVING to see the movie. This doesn't happen very often. Warning: THIS LANGUAGE IS EFFING HILARIOUS
  2. tokenwhiteboy

    Poetic Films

    What are some feature length films that flow more like poetry that the typical 3 act structure. Not completely art crap... but stuff that borderlines on being accessible by a mainstream audience ???
  3. tokenwhiteboy

    Don't worry - your movie can't suck this bad

    :) $72 at the Box Office... yeah... only played in 1 theater but subtract the cost of the print and ... yeah ... And after watching the trailer...
  4. tokenwhiteboy

    Does YouTube playback suck for just me?

    For about a month now, YouTube playback has been atrocious. Stopping a few seconds in. Trying to play at 240 and other junk settings. This is happening on more than just my home network. Anyone else?
  5. tokenwhiteboy

    What is the best system for remote viewing?

    Looking at using canon 7d and or 5d. Would like to be able to remote view the next scene being set up (basically being in 2 places at once). I think I've seen something like an app for this, but not sure. Ideally, this would work as remote view and then also as a live view with peaking while...
  6. tokenwhiteboy

    The Desolation of Smaug

    OMG. should have been subtitled the desolation of three hours. I thought that is might have been the 48fps from the 1st that made me sick... but realized that Peter Jackson's sweeping, repetitive and completely unnecessary camera movements were the actual fingers pressing the vomit button. I...
  7. tokenwhiteboy

    Legitimate proofreading

    Are there any legitimate proof reading companies or peeps out there? Peeps who just worry about spelling and grammar? I need an editor, stat.
  8. tokenwhiteboy

    Day for night

    I searched for Day for Night, but couldn't find any threads about it. If they exist, can an old timer link me to them please? If not, curious about experiences trying this...
  9. tokenwhiteboy

    Vincent Laforet and Alex Buono seminars

    Has anyone purchased / watched these: and I sat in on a short seminar with Buono this fall and watched the intro / free part of Laforet's seminar. But before I lay down any jack, I'm curious if anyone...
  10. tokenwhiteboy

    2K vs 4K

    If there is a thread that discusses this, please direct me to that. We are producing a horror / thriller that has box office potential (ie... not a B movie) Obviously plan A is to sell the film and / or secure theatrical distribution Plan B includes setting up our own screenings and a limited...
  11. tokenwhiteboy

    Feature length script for sale...

    Postcards from Detroit Logline - A man’s life crumbles and he visits Detroit to write his first movie script where a bell boy, a matter-of-fact hooker and a “dead” painter help him with his writer’s block. Postcards from Detroit will appeal to the 20 to 40 year-old romantic comedy audience...
  12. tokenwhiteboy

    Crowd funding success stories?

    Any out there?
  13. tokenwhiteboy

    Can't remember this crowdfunding site...

    I think the name started with an S? But not sure. Was a place to get funding but also let people donate equipment as well. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  14. tokenwhiteboy

    Is there software for doing storyboards?

    And not just some place where you can upload images. I mean an actual place to plan shots in 3D. I've thought about using something like Second Life or even Minecraft for designing things.
  15. tokenwhiteboy

    Barbies? Really?

    So I've got about 22 weeks of pre-production on a feature. Trying to come up with everything I can to make things go smoothly. How is this for an idea... I'm going to shoot the entire script using Barbies for framing and to help figure out camera set ups.
  16. tokenwhiteboy

    Porn stars

    Does casting porn stars (in non porn indies of course) hurt your chances of distribution?
  17. tokenwhiteboy

    If you had 50k dollars to spend...

    Would you spend it on advertising your completed feature length film or... secure a couple B and C list actors? The genre is horror/thriller What is going to generate the most eyes / $$$? In your humble opinion?
  18. tokenwhiteboy

    Amazon Studios

    Is this worth a darn? Is it dead?
  19. tokenwhiteboy

    Scripts for sale...

    The Director, a suspense / thriller. Logline: A small film crew travels to a remote island to shoot an indie horror flick where minor accidents turn into horrific murders leaving them wondering if they are alone on the island or if one of them is a killer. and Postcards from Detroit, is a...
  20. tokenwhiteboy

    Are you looking for a script - multiple genres

    I have the following stories in various states of completion. All of these stories are written using the Save the Cat formula. PM me for more information. All ideas and scripts are WGA registered. The Headbreaker - Suspense / Thriller - Needs one last revision. A man suffering from day...