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  1. Nate North

    software Can I select all color nodes while in the Color Tab? Davinci Resolve Question.

    Yes, there is a much better solution for this type of process in Resolve. Here's what you need to do. When you want to edit a group of clips in resolve, you need to use the node based internal hierarchy. It's not difficult. 1 First, go to the color tab and select all the clips you want to...
  2. Nate North

    screenplay Reverse Engineering scripts - Why are only 'Intellectuals' (that isn't a bad thing) doing it when I search YT?

    Lol, I'm not sure anyone is so great that they don't need education. Mozart and Chopin both took piano lessons, learning the scales and compositional structures of those that went before. Even the world's most famous prodigies started that way. In terms of scripts specifically, Sorkin started...
  3. Nate North

    directing You're not supposed to cast yourself as the main character of your film

    Touche! Billy Bob ended up doing pretty well for himself. I do like my new ride. Gas milage is terrible though.
  4. Nate North

    suggestion A podcast that interviews guests?

    Well, I would think that it might grow the reach of the forum, and thus benefit us all in terms of networking. I'll tell you what, I'll pitch in the graphics and make the YouTube videos (with an audio visualizer and web jpegs cued by conversation topics) if someone else does the audio...
  5. Nate North

    Hi! I'm a screenwriter from Taiwan!

    Welcome, sorry it took me a minute to get over to this thread and formally greet you. This is a good forum, with a lot of creative and interesting people, I think you'll like it. Looking forward to hearing about your ideas!
  6. Nate North

    directing You're not supposed to cast yourself as the main character of your film

    I'm totally screwing this up, lol. This is just pure laziness on the casting side. I should call and see how much The Rock charges for his likeness rights.
  7. Nate North

    screenplay Reverse Engineering scripts - Why are only 'Intellectuals' (that isn't a bad thing) doing it when I search YT?

    It's definitely not just nerds doing it, it's just nerds uploading youtube videos about how excited they are about doing it, lol. Reverse engineering is a critical part of any more complex learning process, but most people don't consider it interesting enough to be considered entertainment on...
  8. Nate North

    Indietalk Commercial

  9. Nate North


    yes, and yes! We are making an animated film that splits off into different stories as the user makes choices along the way. We're currently building up our quality and skillsets to prepare for project launch.
  10. Nate North

    You Aren't Ready Yet

    I keep waiting for the next episode, when is no 7 coming out?
  11. Nate North

    ad BME - trailer and compositions

    I'm back on the discord channel, in case you aren't receiving notifications there.
  12. Nate North

    ad BME - trailer and compositions

    Ok, excellent. I'm going through your SoundCloud stuff, listening to the tracks. Strong point is heavy guitar riffing, weak points are production and VSTI stuff. We could help you out with those things. "the DOOM games which is one of my all time favorite game franchise's" Just beat Doom...
  13. Nate North

    directing The Art of the Reveal

    That's a good use of a reveal, create expectations (the look of the character) and then subvert them later. Adds interest to the story. When you do a shot like that with a costume removal, it paints the character's personality in a way that would be difficult verbally.
  14. Nate North

    Hi Everyone I’m an Actress & a Model

    Welcome! Looking at your work, I have a feeling the modeling career is going to go well for you. I'm looking for people with interesting voices right now, do you have any samples of your speaking voice?
  15. Nate North

    Hello from Rio de Janeiro! Post Producer talking here =)

    Hello, nice to see another post centric person here! How do your feel about the place of UE5 and Quixel in the future of post? I'm seeing a future where Viz shots can be vastly less expensive. I was using Max, Maya, and Vray for years, and switched over recently to find my frame times...
  16. Nate North

    directing The Art of the Reveal

    I wouldn't say all, but certainly many. You are basically correct. Everyone knows that the script tells a story, but it's also important to know that the camera is also telling the story. You see a lot of conversations where people are arguing that story is more important than cinematography...
  17. Nate North

    directing The Art of the Reveal

    That's exactly right. Everyone says show don't tell, but they seldom talk about the nuts and bolts of how that is achieved. A good filmmaker weaves their plot via a tapestry of seamlessly interconnected techniques, in most cases, the more subtle the better. I'm watching this indie film...
  18. Nate North

    business Starting a commercial video production company

    I had to think about it for a while, and I think I see a way that we could help each other. How well do you understand the concepts of vertical integration, synergy, and similar? I know these are basic business concepts, but I have to ask, because I've sometimes encountered confusion. In...
  19. Nate North

    ad BME - trailer and compositions

    We've been looking for someone that could do some Mick Gordon style work. Save Point is not an employer but more like a collaboration hub. If you'd like to put together a track or donate one, the advantage is that you would get finished cgi scenes for your showreel. It's always cool to make...