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    Rights To Song Being Performed

    Does anyone know if the rights to music have to be purchased if being performed in the film by and independent performer or performers such as band or singers or dancers performing to a song. Thanks Elly
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    Ultra Low Budget-sag

    Has anyone had experience with ultra low budget for Sag? As I understand it the maximum for production is $200,000 plus deferments for a total of $500000.My questions are: 1. Does this budget include post production? 2. Sag doesn't spell it out as to how long payment can be deferred. Elly
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    Besides financing what input do co-producers usually have. Cast , location, musice? Elly
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    Any major film shot with Canon digital

    I would like to know how digital stacks up with 35 MM. Does any one know of any major film done that way? Thanks. Elly
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    Mexican TV

    Do any of you have contacts with Mexican TV? I am in the process of adding subtitles to a video shot in Mexico. Thanks. Elly