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    watch Autohotkey: A Starter guide video

    Autohotkey is a free and open source program that I heavily depend on... after running across multiple situations of me being unable to explain it with just words, I decided to make this video tutorial/explanation. No matter what programs you use, this will make your life easier...
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    Delura: A Complete Behind the Scenes Feature of an independent 3d animated series

    I want to preface this by saying that for-sale tutorial content is not in my future and will probably never be a part of my regular way of doing things. Selling instructional content isn't something I'm interested in doing so I publish it freely both for the community and for the people I work...
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    Delura 3d animated series Kickstarter Launched! Hello everyone, some of you may have noticed the Delura series thread on the Indietalk animation forums... I had been planning for this kickstarter for a while. I could say more, but I think the video communicates it better. Thank you for taking the...
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    watch Ryan Roye Animation Demo Reel 2012
  5. TanadrineStudios

    watch Tanadrine Studios Tutorial Series: Keyframe Jumping Demonstration

    While I use Lightwave in this tutorial... I'm posting this here because I feel it can be applied to any medium and any software... be it for video editing, music production, 2d art, whatever it does not matter. Enjoy!
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    watch Enthusiasm Does Not Compute

    An animated short I did in a week. Enjoy! EDIT: and yes, we are on facebook: ... like us!
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    watch Dijard's Super Telethon (with "fireworks", apparently)

    I made this some months ago, and I thought I'd share it here. This was actually done as part of an animation and rendering test... but as some of you may know, I do my "tests" in style. And yes, that is me voicing the character... I had to record in...
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    watch Indie Highlights: Adrenaline Street Racing

    Indie highlights is a periodical video series that does exactly as the name implies; it highlights quality indie series and focuses on what makes them stand above the rest. I've done some character animation work on this series as well but my...
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    watch Indie Highlights (first edition): Frontier: Prelude to Darkness

    Here, I give an overview of Frontier: Prelude to Darkness, a sci-fi webseries created by Lewis Roscoe.
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    Choppy video rendering problem

    I currently use Ulead Video Studio 11 to render out my video and i've ran into a frustrating problem that I'm concerned will delay the release of my latest work (Delura EP 004) if I have trouble finding a solution. I want to use the .AVI format of DivX 6.8.5, 1280x720 resolution @ 20 frames per...
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    watch Developer's Diary I wasn't sure what category or forum to place this in, but anyways, any future installments of Developer's Diary will be placed in this thread. Developer's Diary is a series of videos I am making to outline the triumphs and frustrations I face when...
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    Why communication is so hard...

    I made a video that pretty much describes how ambiguous communication process can be in a nutshell. This isn't a serious example, but I feel it applies strongly. Anyone else face situations where you have to juggle between concealing your base message with information overload or risk being...
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    watch Delura: a 3d sci-fi animated series

    This thread will be the singular place for all Delura episodes I link here. You may also access the series and tons of other info at ... Below is the trailer for what I consider to be season 1. Season 2 is in production as of this post. Episodes may contain brief...
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    I thought I'd stop by...

    I noticed this community while looking up indie films/animations to be inspired by and it seems like a really cool place. I'm Ryan Roye of Tanadrine Studios, indie 3d animator still very much in training but its pretty much my goal in life to disprove the idea that its impossible to make a good...