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  1. EnglishinMiami

    screenplay Which Production Companies Are Buying Unsolicited Scripts?

    Hi - Does anyone know of any production companies who will consider and can pay for unsolicited screenplays? I have a number of scripts of different genres and am finding it time-wasting to search for production companies online accepting unsolicited scripts. It turns out usually/so far...
  2. EnglishinMiami

    Horror Script in Miami For Sale

    Title - 'We May Have to Kill Him'. Logline - Tormented by the spirit of his victim in his wife's womb, Daniel does the unthinkable. But can that save him - or anyone else? 92 pages.
  3. EnglishinMiami

    If I Sell My Horror Script via a Lawyer -

    what would be a reasonable percentage/amount to give him? He previously asked me if I was interested in selling my female led action script so I thought it made sense to tell him about my horror script - he's a top entertainment lawyer. Thanks!
  4. EnglishinMiami

    Hello Again -

    I joined a couple of weeks ago under my regular name and decided I wanted a more anonymous one, couldn't change it in the control panel so have made a new moniker - hope that's OK. I've just finished a horror script and am interested in selling it, am also working on putting together my female...