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  1. GeorgiaHilton

    Space Battle Scenes

    Almost every space battle in major films are simply based on traditional World War 2 aerial dog fights. Most people involved in the development and creation of these space battle scenes freely admit where they got their ideas. So take a look at some dog fight footage and start there... Perhaps...
  2. GeorgiaHilton

    DCP Delivery for your film.

    Video for DCP delivery I was asked today about creating a DCP delivery by a friend on "slutz"... He always asks the tough questions... so I thought i'd share this bit... You want to make a DCP delivery from your finished project? EASY ANSWER: You don’t have to worry about it. You just deliver...
  3. GeorgiaHilton

    watch Fight Scene from 2010 Feature Length Film

    hi, i wasn't even going to comment any more until a couple of you tried to defend me a bit, so, look, thanks for the support, but honesty... it's just not worth wasting your time... I just tossed the clip up because I had i lying around and it's got a bit better audio than the original...
  4. GeorgiaHilton

    watch Fight Scene from 2010 Feature Length Film

    wow, aren't you just full of yourself... signing off on this thread... it's become a waste of time.
  5. GeorgiaHilton

    watch Fight Scene from 2010 Feature Length Film

    Hey Nick, First, I never said mine was better, it was just another fight scene. I've shot way better stuff, and I've shot way worse in my career, its just a fight scene.... one of many... Second, i'm not really interested in your opinion. cheers geo
  6. GeorgiaHilton

    Do splatter and torture movies, get unfairly judged by critics?

    back to the original question.... who cares what critics think, if the film makes money. :cool: cheers geo
  7. GeorgiaHilton

    watch Fight Scene from 2010 Feature Length Film

    rules are meant to be broken sometimes... ;)
  8. GeorgiaHilton

    watch Fight Scene from 2010 Feature Length Film

    try the link again... i set up a different one.
  9. GeorgiaHilton

    watch Fight Scene from 2010 Feature Length Film

    the only comments I have is that the sound feels a bit off and a little "big". The fighters lack emotion.... It's like watching two rock'em sock'em robots kick the hell out of each other... It's fun to watch, but I'm not feeling the fight emotionally. If it's any help , i've attached a...
  10. GeorgiaHilton

    credit question

    additional photography DP on xxx scene camera department AD for xxx scene Director department additional AD support second AD for scene xxx or nothing... did you promise a credit before hiring the fill in contractor? For one day I wouldn't even credit them unless there was a damn...
  11. GeorgiaHilton

    Question about flying rig.

    Hire a professional stunt coordinator before you hurt somebody and get sued. cheers geo
  12. GeorgiaHilton

    Booming in on ultra wide shots

    After you have your shot , the take you love. STOP! get everyone back to first position and let the boom operator get right in with the actors, yes, on camera. Run the scene 2 more times just like the one you just shot. This will give you 2 more great sound takes that you can use in...
  13. GeorgiaHilton

    Green screen actor + 3d set composition

    One of the most important items of shooting these types of Green screen, Virtual set shots, or plate shots that are overlooked by beginners is the camera placement. Look closely at the virtual set, or the plate shot you are using. WHERE is the VIRTUAL CAMERA sitting. What angle, what...
  14. GeorgiaHilton


    Storyboard your film! I don't shoot without a serious set of boards.... In fact, normally I get the boards done, then drop them into an editing system, edit them for time and do some camera moves... I also insist on 1 or 2 table reads before shooting, I take those as recorded and drop them in...
  15. GeorgiaHilton

    Are shooting permits to be ignored?

    if you are shooting with a handheld and a couple friends, and your project is never going to see the light of day, outside a couple screenings.... go ahead and shoot without a permit.... have fun. I wouldn't recommend it.. but, if you're dumb enough..... go ahead and take chances like not...
  16. GeorgiaHilton


    so, just for fun, I looked at your site. so here ya go. You wanted feed back, here it is. You aren't not going to like this, but... SPEND SOME MONEY. Get a web designer and rework the site to sell your film. Right now it's boring as , well, shall we say hell... If you cannot draw, then get...
  17. GeorgiaHilton

    Moving to NYC, need some advice!

    Easy... The Difference between New York and LA... that in NEW YORK... ...they stab you in the chest. ;) cheers geo
  18. GeorgiaHilton

    Newbie in need

    LENSES: Most Mid-range DSLR and higher quality cameras do not come with lenses, or if they do it s a relatively cheap 35 - 85mm zoom. If you want to get the quality out of any mid-range or more expensive camera you will need a set of lenses. As a director you need to learn about lenses and...
  19. GeorgiaHilton

    Newbie in need

    cheap audio kit would include a couple wireless lavs and a shotgun mic, a boom pole and some kind of recorder. Digital recorders can range from from: $150 bucks to $500 on Amazon. You can spend over $5000 for serious professional digital recorders... For your buget i'd go with a Fostex, or...
  20. GeorgiaHilton

    Distributing Short Films - Direct to DVD/Online

    I'm going to assume your project is actually good enough to get a short subject distribution deal. That means, you have a solid story, good acting, excellent production value. The first thing i'd offer, is that if you intend to distribute for money, DON'T POST IF ON YOUTUBE. Don't post it at...