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    lighting Cockpit Movement - Lighting Example

    Hi all, I'm just working on something involving cockpit, shots of pilots, Star Wars X-Wing cockpit shots as an example, i know for the feeling of movement there were just some guys waving lights around & extra hands moving the set around. Has anyone seen, moving light bars on amazon or...
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    Greetings All, Film Maker from London, UK

    Im very much into Greenscreen, special effects, 3d Modelling side, however that doesn't detract from many other aspects im interested in, quite a lot really...There's not one type im into but whatever story happens to be most interesting.
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    Greetings All, Film Maker from London, UK

    Hi all, thought I would say hi, interested in the following stuff film related stuff... :) From Bromley, UK, South-East London, So if anyone around there, drop me a PM, or Mail me. Joergen