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    Translating to digital

    Hi everyone, sorry I've been away for a while. Had yet another baby, etc. And to business. I'm currently hunting down some cine/movie footage filmed by my grandad in the late 20s and 1930s, some from as far away as Australia. What should I keep in mind regarding preservation of the film, and...
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    Cliches and mistakes

    So, I'm in the middle of a first draft of a satircal short about short films and all the cliches and mistakes that various student films, short makers, new film-makers, and YouTube celebrities bring in. To date, I've reviewed somewhere in the region of 5,000 short films, but would still like...
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    Film challenges and a proposal

    Could I make a proposal? I saw Brandon Li's "boring room challenge" on YouTube, and it reminded me of some fun a few friends and I used to have: set a challenge for a micro film or short film, and have people do what they could within constraints. I figured this was be a good idea for those...
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    Travel fluid head/tripod dilemmas

    Have a job in a week, and I need a decent fluid head and tripod that I'll be lugging around London pretty much all day, needing to set up with minimal time, and has a light payload. So, the Sachtler Ace M is apparently a nice smooth head, But the sticks are said to be terrible. The Miller Air...
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    Beachtek DXA-Micro Pro

    I see the mini has been discontinued. Next month I'll be filing some protests and hopefully (!) getting some on the spot interviews. How well would the micro pro work with a Panasonic G80/85? And are there better alternatives (I'm after the 3.5mm inputs rather than xlr), as I'll be using a VMP...
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    Yet another recommendation plea, I'm afraid. I've recently moved over to jourmalism and documentary making, and this is somewhere my experience with cameras isn't too hot, mainly because there's a lot more movement involved, less time to set up focus, etc. Relying on DSLR is a bit of a no-no...
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    IMAX/digital cost

    Read an old interview with Chris Nolan today, and he says he prefers IMAX as it's superior to other formats, image-wise (no argument from me) but it's also cheaper than digital. Surely that cannot be right? IMAX uses a King's ransom in film per minute. Anyone know much about this?
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    Web series hosting - where to go?

    We're in the early stages of planning a new film, but are toying with the idea of adapting it into a web series and are not sure about hosting sites, so throwing this open for those with more experience in the area. Our films deal with social realism, and contemporary societal and criminal...
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    What's your passion/talent?

    Just thought I'd fire a bullet into the air with this. Some of us are a Jack of all trades in this craft, but often there's one part we love more than others or simply do better at. For me it's definitely props and set design (yes, I know, hardly the dream of most), followed by screen writing...
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    Editing software

    OK so... Forgive my ignorance, I write and direct, and design sets (and attempt acting), but my editor is having some pretty severe personal problems and I need to edit three short films. Nothing too strenuous: cutting, little colour correction, overlaying sound, importing titles and credits...
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    Unconventional screenplay

    Anyone ever tried this? We've shelved our FL film for a few months as the producer is having some personal problems, so in the meantime I'm putting together a team of 7 (including the cast) to create a short film. The film itself has no dialogue at all, and an incredibly simple plot. The...
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    Prop firearms

    OK, so for this latest project we will be using a prop firearm (Tanaka Plug Cap pistol). Years ago we we used blanks, the problem being they are ridiculously loud! So we found a supplier who sells film prop guns, with realistic looking bullets, with much less volume, but they are front venting...
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    Ok, recommend me something

    Hey everyone. Long time since I've been on any film forums, so registered afresh. Anyway, looking for a new camera, and I've seen several recommendations on here. Unfortunately, my camera was stolen at the 2012 Paralympic opening ceremony. Yes, angry t say the least (nifty Panasonic, which...