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  1. Nate North

    The Cobra Effect - an open colab side project

    There's a short and relatively simple film I'd be interested in making as a side project. It doesn't really fit into SP, and I don't want to do all the work myself, so I thought I'd put it up over here as an open colab project where anyone interested with the ability to contribute could do so...
  2. Nate North


    This is the week 36 dalies reel. This week the main focus was starting to develop atmospheric godrays, and the set for the opening scene. In addition we did the first test of wind and rain, though it's only the very beginning of development on weather systems. For those just starting to...
  3. Nate North

    What Projects are you starting in 2022?

    Working with creatives for such a long time, I noticed that a lot of people start new projects in the early months of the year. What are you working on this year? Anyone have a new project they are going to launch in 2022?
  4. Nate North

    Story Ad 1 in progress - feedback thread

    This is an ad in the alpha stage of development. I haven't posted one of these for a while, since I got so much response from the first one I posted (it was terrible) that responding to all the responses started to take a lot of time away from actually developing the ad. However, this new ad...
  5. Nate North

    Indietalk Commercial

    Made this quick ad spot as a Christmas gift for the community. I only had a half day to work on it, so it's by no means perfect, but I thought it might be cool to have something people could post elsewhere to spread the word about the form. If there's enough interest, I'll go back and work on...
  6. Nate North

    movies Name the Worst, and the Best, Christmas movie you've ever seen

    It's the time of year for round the clock Christmas movies. What is your best and worst Christmas movie of all time? for me Best movie: Klaus, or Miracle on 34th street, or the original Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer Worst movie: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, or Christmas with the...
  7. Nate North

    movies The Great Question: Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

    Since there are zero Christmas threads and it's the 22nd, I thought I'd toss in this classic debate. What are the criteria for a "Christmas Movie"? And while we're at it, what is your favorite Christmas movie?
  8. Nate North

    screenplay Let's all quit writing scenes where people cock their guns

    I know it's effective, but in 2022, it's getting a bit old. A person points a gun at someone, and says "stop, I'll shoot" then the other person says "what if I don't stop" then person one cocks their gun. If you think about it, this is a stupid trope. By cocking your gun only after...
  9. Nate North

    vfx An incredible free tool that can improve your indie film

    When most people think of compositing, or green screen, they think of adding a dragon, or spaceship, or explosion. All those things are cool, and useful, but you know what's most useful, across all types of films? Trees. Just the ability to place trees in your scene to create an aesthetically...
  10. Nate North

    Save Point week 33 dalies - Robots, Oceans, Crowds, and Birds

    There's a bit of overlap footage from the search and one other video, but this is mostly new material. This video shows progress in a number of new areas, most noticeably the addition of dynamic water, next gen lighting (in the apartment scene) , and giant robots. Also of note are the...
  11. Nate North

    The Search

    Indietalk member Effectsworks worked with us on this one, creating the many unique sound effects heard throughout the film. It's a short demo film we made to build experience in the new system.
  12. Nate North

    Wandering off, The story of 2021

    People keep wandering off this year, what do you think is the cause?
  13. Nate North

    Save Point ad no. 3

    For some reason youtube introduces a skip early in the video. It's not in the original file, and I uploaded it twice, but it's still there. Must be some kind of encoding thing. Has anyone else run into this problem? It's 4k 24 native in an mp4 wrapper.
  14. Nate North

    score Composers, What music are you working on?

    So many people here are aspiring film composers, and though I'm mainly a director, I actually compose myself. I thought there should be a thread where we could all post what we were working on. Finished pieces that you want feedback on, works in progress, whatever, let's just do a format where...
  15. Nate North

    Biome Demo

    This week we're working on biomes, and rendering passes, just a reel of dalies, in case anyone wanted to see what those looked like.
  16. Nate North

    music Times when opening credits music really improved or detracted from a TV series

    Ok so it's hard to overstate how much opening credits songs can become a part of the identity of a TV series. This thread is a place for people to post clips of their favorite, or least favorite examples of that artform, and comment on why they think a particular opening track helped or hurt...
  17. Nate North

    misc Let's all collaborate to make a film that stops people from being murdered

    Ok, so I have an idea. An idea about how a short film could be made collaboratively to address a real life problem. The following is a true story. One day, over a year ago, a family came over to my house to eat dinner. With them was a young African man, who had been adopted by the family so...
  18. Nate North

    Can you watch a single hour of a show that's been greenlit for 1,400 episodes?

    This show was greenlit for 1400 episodes, thanks meritocracy! This post was edited down from 2 pages to two sentences, to help preserve the sanity of others.
  19. Nate North

    series Rank the characters in "Succession" who is the best human being on this show?

    Here's a difficult challenge. How do you rate the character of person X, when everyone is objectively terrible? I just did a watch through of the first 2 seasons as s3 starts, and, lol, I don't know if there is anyone on this show I would like IRL. Polotics aside, who is the best and worst...
  20. Nate North

    movies Dune Sucks

    I'm a big proponent of people re examining the default wisdom of popularity. If something was popular, it was great, if it got funded, it's great, if they did it 3 times, it's great, etc. Let's look at the actual story of Dune. Look, that millionaires kid buttoned up his vest the right way...