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    movie-talk Next Star Wars film is coming.

    I like The Last Jedi. It has flaws, but I like the grumpy anti-war feel it has. No glory in fighting. I understand many people where disappointed, but if they had listened to Yoda's teaching, they'd know that war does not make one great. In the end Luke had to confront Vader as a final lesson to...
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    Trying to use Da Vinci Resolve, but I can't import my video.

    Resolve can handle FS5, btw.
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    Adapting print to screen and vice versa.

    Game of Thrones was adapted by the writer himself. Eventually the TV show caught up with the books and now the last seasons are written without a novel to draw from. Watch 'Adaptation' :P
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    Guten Tag! from Germany :)

    Willkommen from The Netherlands :)
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    Editing Software for These Effects

    Resolve is free, but make sure you check the hardware specs: if your machine is not ready for it, it ain't free software anymore.
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    marketing Cold Emails

    What you need to do is network in real life, get an assignment, overdeliver so you have something to show plus a client who can recommend you to others. Paying for ads and spamming people to lead them to 'nothing' is a total waste of everybody's time. It's like drawing a crowd to your...
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    marketing Cold Emails

    Twitter is the sewer of social media. Perfect if you want to express anger. I never look at ads. If you can't show anything and if you actually what you have to do: don't do it. You seem to think that you have to be a mindless robot to do your clients' bidding. My clients hire me because I say...
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    logline Seeking for an opinion on comedy pilot - Logline

    Truth will always be stranger than fiction ;) As for drama comedy: I loved the original English Shameless series. It was sad and hilarious.
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    Adapting print to screen and vice versa.

    Isn't Game of Thrones an example of turning a novel into a season?
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    How to make a 5 minute interview appealing and attractive to click?

    Your question isn't about clicking, but abut not clicking away. ;) 'Simple': make it interesting for your target audience. If they know the person and they already decided that the story will interesting they are far more patient then when an unknown person starts about a topic. 'Percieved...
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    How to write character's emotional reactions in a screenplay?

    F: write no script. Gather people around a corpse. Let an alien burst out of the the belly unexpectedly ;) Just kidding. Wise words have already been said
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    Video editing software that imports Pro Res

    Plus: GPU and CPU matter as well.
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    watch New showreel (2019)

    hahahaha, that word is probably a Dutch invention: recap videos for events. Not sure what a short better English phrase would be. I know it is a bit of everything. And it is more than before. It is based on my experience with people watching my older reels and then ask: "Do you also make...."...
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    Video editing software that imports Pro Res

    Always seperate OS from footage. Even better if you have a seperate disk for previews as well. And read the BMD manual for system specs for resolve. Otherwise you might just stumble from problem to problem. In the end the software is still free, but you need hardware as well ;)
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    > My Crowdfunding Experience

    A little kick to remind people there is a huge source of info from first hand experiences in this thread.