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  1. How do we get more people to come to Indietalk?

    H44... His amount of variations of the same questions could potentially destroy the autofill of google, :P He was an example of disguising procratination with perfectionism while at the same time hoping to get a short cut anwser that would enable him to conjure up the next Avengers movie in...
  2. Looking for a film director based on my novel idea.

    I second all the remarks above. And to be really honest: I checked the Kindle link and the logline is written very poorly, but the premisse sounds interesting. (A bit remiscent of Ayreon's Universal Migrator: a conceptual double album about the last person on Mars spending time in the dream...
  3. marketing Portfolios and Youtube for Filmmaking

    After 11 years my YouTube channel has 66.606 views and 85 subscribers. The last number kind of spoils the numerical symmetry. ;) The real question is: what purpose should your channel have and how can you achieve it? My goal has never been getting a million subscribers: I just want to...
  4. file-related Converting DV to HDV

    Redgiant has/had a nice upscale plugin. It used to be called HD Ready. I still have it on my old computer. I bet a newer version will have better algorhythms to get better results than 10 years ago :-) (ATM AI upscaling is being developed.)
  5. CovidTalk

    Most important: glad to hear you feel okay, Rik! To anwser your 'Why two weeks?': the virus has an incubation time that can be as long as 2 weeks. Which is very long for a virus. (Ebola strikes hard and fast: luckily, I would say, otherwise it would spread just as easily as covid-19. The common...
  6. diy Failed Projects

    Oh wow, where they betting on you having invested so much time you would not walk away in that stage?
  7. diy Failed Projects

    Yes. We had 4 minutes left. The laptop was still rendering while we entered the queue to bring it in before the deadline. And we had the most infamous scene of 2 girl trying to strangle each other, lol.
  8. diy Failed Projects

    During a 48 Hour Film Project: A day up front: no producer. 1 hour before the start the sound guy drops out. On set our male lead got ill. So I had a boom op who had never seen a mic up close. Mic was never in frame, but hard to hear. The lead was given to a female extra: turning it in a lesbian...
  9. directing Has anyone directed a music video?

    The true restrictions in music videos come from way too small budgets to be really creative: no money for a crew or art design are the real killers in my experience. How bigger names let you be creative or not depends on the artist and management and on how you communicate you ideas: there is no...
  10. movies Movies you liked as a child, but not as an adult.

    The same goes for old TV-series. IMO Knigh Rider aged badly, because it is mostly gadget driven, but The A-Team is still fun because it's mostly character driven.
  11. movies Movies you liked as a child, but not as an adult.

    Well, as a 7 year old I did watch some Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill movies with my dad. The cheesiness of the slapstick did not age well with me. :rofl:
  12. Explain a Movie Badly

    The interview: The movie that made Kim so angry that Sony got hacked. Next: 12 Monkeys
  13. link What you can buy for video editing?

    I always buy too much chocolate for editing. It helps me through the long hours. ;)
  14. Explain a Movie Badly

    One day a scottish guy wakes up dead and gets kick out of his village, only to find out he must not lose his head in a batte where meeting competition is accompanied with headaches. Only one can win the prize. And this movie has it all: knights, nazis, swords, cars, lightning, Queen. Next...
  15. I'm Andrew, want to learn video editing basics

    Everything is important: idea and execution (shots, light, styling, location, edit). But yes: go pick up that camera and do stuff. Stop dreaming about filming stuff and do it.