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    Is a professional still able to enjoy movies as an audience?

    I agree with Feutus Lapdance. I find watching films more enjoyable when i appreciate all of the elements that come together to make the final film. Although i do think there is a time and place to take a film and deconstruct it. But, personally I don't try and focus on individual elements...
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    Free Halloween Tunes for Your Project

    I know everyone's busy getting candy, but make sure to download my free Halloween tune sampler because after today... It's gone.
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    Director here - New to the community!

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    Animator here

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    watch Halloween Theme (1978) Live Cover

    The Halloween theme composed by John Carpenter is one of my favorite horror film themes of all time. I just saw the new one (and LOVED it), so I thought I would try and record a live cover. It took a few tries, but I played everything live in a single unedited take. Enjoy. I shot it with a...
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    Composer, mostly

    Hi Benny!!! Nice tunes. I dug your reel.
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    The problem with over analyzing movies

    Along these same lines. I was in Target the other day, browsing the movies and heard a lady in her 30's tell her husband, who was looking at John Carpenter's Halloween, "That movie is atrocious". Who has this opinion??? Maybe you don't like it, but atrocious? I was 80% angry and 20% sad she...
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    New memeber

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    Free Halloween Tunes for Your Project

    13 days until Halloween. Be sure to download this FREE creepy music sampler before I take it down on the 1st. Click the picture to get your tunes.
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    watch My YouTube Videos

    Yeah, I thought the audio sound pretty good in ep12. So, I would probably just keep using the setting for that. And I thought the shots all looked very consistent, color-wise.
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    Free Halloween Tunes for Your Project

    Only 23 days left until halloween. Be sure to download these tracks now, because after Halloween they'll go into the Disney vault.... Not really, but they will go back to being part of my paid library website.
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    hello everybody

    Welcome fellow composer!!!!
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    watch My YouTube Videos

    As far as the noise reduction, I would use as little of it as possible. A quick rule of thumb on a lot of that kind of stuff is to set it where you think it should be and then back off a tad. A little goes a long ways. Your audio didn't sound that muffled in the videos before ep13. Were you...
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    watch My YouTube Videos

    Hmm. it sounds really muffled or something. It was sounding pretty good in ep11. What did you do differently?
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    HELP ME! (Questions for short film!)

    Welcome. I'm a composer, so I don't have a ton of experience recording sound in the field. However, I've talked to a number of pros about some of these issues (filming outdoors, best mics, etc). A good shotgun mic will help, because it's pickup pattern is very tight. If you're unfamiliar with...