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    misc What part of the film making process is most painful

    When my vision... my baby turns into a polished turd.
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    pay Upfront payment vs percentage of film proceeds

    >>I have a day job, and I use my personal cash from that job to fund my films. He's the perspective point: Would you do your job if you weren't getting paid? I don't know about you, but I know I wouldn't. It's one of the problems with this site. It has both amateurs and professionals answering...
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    misc Previous Crew Member Causing Issues

    If you really thought he'd turn up at a shoot, at most I'd attach a line or two to the next call sheet with a friendly warning about Bill. Note to you: Stop letting him live rent free in your head. Let you actual image speak for itself. Don't worry about what others say/do. It'll drive you...
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    service Feedback On Device For Cinematic Distribution

    >>How is not a tech play? Or what is your vision of a tech play? >>Its both, a new distribution play that leverages technology. The model is like Airbnb in how we don't use theater, and have created a gig-economy for film screenings. Usually when the founder says its a distribution play...
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    service Feedback On Device For Cinematic Distribution

    I wish you luck in your endeavours. I was hoping it would be a tech play. The number of people I know who have gone down the distribution route and gone broke is too long for me to care to remember. Everytime I see something that is trying to be too good to be believed, it usually is. From...
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    service Feedback On Device For Cinematic Distribution

    Is this is a tech play or a distribution play?
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    picture FPS and playback speed

    //But I like the passive aggressive comment, :clap: Right back at ya! :clap:
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    picture FPS and playback speed

    >>Please let me know if I'm completely crazy here After reading this thread, I wouldn't say completely crazy. It sounds like you want to slow down footage to make footage that doesn't exist, suddenly exist.
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    picture FPS and playback speed

    It's hard to tell if what you're asking doesn't make sense or the crazy option.
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    actors Have you ever watched any movie with a really sexy character?

    I don't think the world doesn't work that way. Like the saying, different strokes for different folks. You can thank your maker that what works for me probably won't work for you. The best piece of advice I can give you: Know your audience. The best you can do is to give them what you believe...
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    picture ProRes Quality Loss

    Does the export look different?
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    picture ProRes Quality Loss

    You're not the only one.
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    picture ProRes Quality Loss

    How's that? ...and in your picture, it looks like all audio tracks. Unless things have changed recently, ProRes is a picture codec.
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    directing Directing crisis

    I've been in a similar circumstance before. As an inexperienced director, my guy was screaming that we needed more work on the script. Turns out I was right but I didn't pull the trigger and the film suffered. We're stopping/postponing. Not going to sink good money after bad. It's really that...
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    misc Are you brand loyal?

    I like quality, but no brand loyalty from me. Either they're right for the job or they're not. None of this square peg in a roung hole.