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    sound-stage Tiny Home Acoustics

    I've built a mobile studio inside a volkwagen transporter. It's been great and I've recorded concerts and sessions all over the UK and france with it. I put thin rockwool in the void behind the wooden interior panels and then cut out loads of holes in the wood so they became like swiss cheese...
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    best microphone?

    Personally If I was trying to make a film on shoestring kit wise I'd look at the second hand market. You can get great old mics that use T power rather than phantom power that are much cheaper than their modern equivalents. Here's an example...
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    Hi there!

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    Hi there!

    My name is Jules Davies I've been working as a sound recordist and post mixer for over twenty years. I'd love to be part of your online community to keep up with the latest information and hopefully contribute some useful content.