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    call-for-entries Edit Challenge - Visual FX Short Film, win DaVinci Resolve Studio ($299 version)

    Edit Challenge - edit this visual FX short film and win a copy of DaVinci Resolve Studio (the $299 version) CLICK HERE for Cinestudy Get your edit uploaded by October 9th, 2020
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    software Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro ??

    Most (if not all) software is scalable in terms of efficiency with editing by proxy or lowering the edit resolution, so it still comes back to preference. DaVinci Resolve is also a very viable option. Been using it a bit more recently and I like it. Not as much as Premiere Pro, but I do like it.
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    software Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro ??

    Again, the point is subjective. What is "best" for you may not be for the original poster. Only he/she can know what is the right tool for what they need. We can argue the semantics, but basically, there really is no such thing as "which is better" as much as it is "which is better FOR YOU"...
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    watch License Exam (2 min)

    That sucks. The editors on my documentary all got laid off two months ago from their day jobs. It really blows out there in LaLa land right now. I'm sorry to hear that, but glad you're getting something. I've gotten a decent amount of Technical Directing jobs for live streams.
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    software Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro ??

    It's primarily subjective. Which car is better, a Ford Mustang or a Dodge Challenger? It's preferential and different people can feel entirely different about which software is "better" too.
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    software Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro ??

    It's the artist, not the brush that counts. Software is just a tool.
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    watch License Exam (2 min)

    Hey Rik! I'm keeping busy. Hope you are doing well!
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    watch License Exam (2 min)

    License Exam (2 min) Shot this in 2004 on 16mm film, recently had it re-transferred to 6.5K and then re-edited it, soon to be a Cinestudy project too. starring George Caleodis, Holly Magnani, Harley Kaplan, Jon Osbeck
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    call-for-entries Edit Challenge - Sound Mixing (win Davinci Resolve Studio!)

    The new CINESTUDY Edit Challenge is up! SOUND MIXING The prize for this edit challenge will be a copy of HitFilm Pro for the one of the entries! Upload by August 3rd, 2020 to Vimeo, YouTube or Twitter with the hashtag #Cinestudy...
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    call-for-entries Cinestudy Edit Challenge (MOCKUMENTARY) now with prizes!

    Just announced the winners and the prizes!
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    Free compositions / music for use

    Link is not working for me.
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    call-for-entries Cinestudy Edit Challenge (MOCKUMENTARY) now with prizes!

    EDIT THIS SHORT MOCKUMENTARY FILM CONTEST a new Cinestudy EDIT CHALLENGE, this one with PRIZES from sponsors! Edit the Mockumentary from the free raw footage and win free pro editing software from FXHome or a yearlong subscription...
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    watch why Citizen Kane is still important

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    website edit challenge - documentary format

    Edit your own mini-documentary with free footage from CINESTUDY! Create your own 3 minute version of a mini-documentary on the making of Star Wars the Mandalorian from Disney+