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    This is so cool. As a big fan of 70s horror flicks your soundtrack is a great homage.
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    Hello From NH / Quebec

    Welcome! I'm in southern New Hampshire as well.
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    watch feedback to my trailer for short psychological thriller

    I really don't have any constructive criticism to add. Just that the trailer was great and made me very interested to see the film. Great editing and it looks like a very interesting story.
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    Should I add character description in this scenario?

    You're splitting hairs. You've seen "Scream" right? Have you read the screenplay? It was very hot when it was first written but it also breaks every one of the Truby rules that you're stuck to. Go and read the very first scene: Camera angles, establishing shots, direction on the page...
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    Struggling with the screenplay.

    I"m a huge fan of horror films. They can be done with minimal locations, actors, and props, and any level of creativity. While this flexibility can of course lend itself to creating some real stinkers, it's also very possible to make something extraordinary. Just this weekend I watched Green...
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    How is this script for a short film project?

    All the more reason his excuses are meaningless at this point. I am actually rooting for him to make this short, though I'm not ready to bet on it just yet.
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    How is this script for a short film project?

    Find a group of students and buy them a six pack of beer for 2 hours of their time. If I didn't know any better, I would think you're coming up with excuses not to shoot it.
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    I have a question about using keyframes in Premiere Pro.

    Can you post a screenshot of your effect control window showing all your keyframes?
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    Trying to make this documentary project more interesting...

    I'm very confused here. You're passionate about writing and yet can't muster up the creativity to develop one aspect of yourself as a person and make it interesting? You have 6,506 posts on Indietalk. Clearly you have something to say. Maybe that's your documentary? "I've asked 6500 questions...
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    [Feb 20] What are you working on this week? Group production log

    This week I am FINALLY wrapping up the editing on my late-autumn back log of weddings. The next wedding season picks up in June so next week I'm going to try to get involved with a short to keep me busy until then.
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    watch How is this promotional video I did for someone?

    It's fine for the camera. It's not taking continuous video the whole time, just taking photos at intervals (i.e./ take one photo every 2 seconds which will speed up your footage to condense one minute into one second of footage at 24p or 30p).
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    Rapist costume (funny)

    What about topical humor? I know you're not in the U.S. but it seems like the "safe" jokes about this serious subject matter tend to focus on the American celebrities who have been accused of it, like Bill Cosby or Jared Fogle, and perhaps you could work in those parallels.
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    Movie Scenes to Recreate

    This is a really great idea. A chance to learn and have fun without going all-in on an independent film. I'll definitely check it out! As for scenes, how about the bloody bed scene or the girl on the walls and ceiling (both from Nightmare on Elm Street)? Both were incredibly difficult in 1984...
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    Anybody doing the 48 this year?

    I just learned that they are bringing the 48 Hour Horror Project back to Providence this year, and it's the same weekend I'm leaving for a family vacation. Bummer! I would definitely sign up for it if I had the weekend free. I did the New Hampshire one in 2014 and they haven't brought it back...