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  1. watch My sci-fi concept, somehow I convinced Jason Isaacs to be in it!

    I shot a short film (proof of concept for a feature screenplay I wrote) just before the pandemic and I don't know how I got so lucky but Jason Isaacs (The OA, Harry Potter) said yes when I asked him to be in it. The shoot took two days at an airbnb I found in the woods. Here's a teaser below...
  2. watch Anyone else submit to Radiohead’s music video contest?

    Here’s my entry. What do you think? $300 or so dollars later. For those out of the loop, Radiohead presented an alternate version of their track “Daydreaming” for the contest and put it out there for people to make their own inspired videos with the...
  3. watch I made this for my friend's axe company in Seattle - what do you think?

    I just had a great experience directing and editing this video about my friend who makes axes in his garage (the guy featured in the video is the owner of the company). While we were filming one of the critical forest shots, we lost contact with the drone, it got lost in the trees for which we...
  4. watch Justin Bieber Robot video

    Thanks guys!
  5. watch Justin Bieber Robot video

    Hah! I have no idea why I felt the need to try and pull this off but here's a video I just made for my youtube channel picture hop. Would appreciate any thoughts. Also, just curious, is it obvious to you how I made the head?
  6. My DSLR hack - test footage with parkour

    Shoot. Sorry. Don't get mad but... I made this as an april fools joke video on Monday :) Everything's phony. It was so fun to make though, I kind of want to do another one with the same "device" I made this last year on april 1st and thought I would make another one...
  7. My DSLR hack - test footage with parkour

    I did!! Haha, thanks man.
  8. My DSLR hack - test footage with parkour

    Lets me do long exposure effects in video mode on my DSLR! What do you think? ;)
  9. watch What my dogs look like composited together

    Here's what it looks like! I was bored the other day and was curious as to what one of my dog's heads would look like on the other's body. click the video link! The still is just a teaser. Couldn't figure out how to embed the video .... :rolleyes:
  10. I made this... I may have lost a little of my soul in doing so

    This video I made below you may hate or love. Body parts brought to you by my wife (she's pretty I swear!) I just had to get in my take on Gangnam Style -- I hope it brings you joy, even if a little...
  11. watch My film is a Semi-Finalist in Ridley Scott/Youtube's filmfest!

    Thanks Movingtarget and Danielassault. Really appreciate it!! :) Yikes only 5 more days of voting! I've attached some behind the scenes pics. The trunk scenes were the hardest to figure out how to do. We ended up finding the back half of a taxi cab on rollers that had a hole in the axle and a...
  12. watch My film is a Semi-Finalist in Ridley Scott/Youtube's filmfest!

    Hey Quiltom, Thanks for your kind words about Sold! I checked out your trailer. Your concept sounds awesome! I would say the only thing for future versions of the trailer and/or for the movie, have more focus on the hero/anti-hero of your story. The clips your main character is in, it's either...
  13. watch My film is a Semi-Finalist in Ridley Scott/Youtube's filmfest!

    Hey Damien, Sorry just saw this. Thanks! I saw both your films, EXCELLENT! I definitely hope we both get to go to Venice. I'd love to meet you. Congrats on getting two films in the contest! :)
  14. watch My film is a Semi-Finalist in Ridley Scott/Youtube's filmfest!

    Thanks guys! Cracker Funk, I checked out your links and voted for your Batman cut the other day. Nice work! Antihero looks cool :)