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    Nuclear explosions, space footage and special effects

    Hi post-prod people! We have just launched a new special effects ressource: Ultra HD Nuclear explosions, space footage, shockwaves, etc., we'll try to cover them all. Note that everything is download only. We sell 4K special effects bundles of unmatched quality /...
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    watch "Elements"

    Hi I just finished this short, if you'd like to comment, crtiticize, yell, or just say hi... It was shot on a canon 7D, I hope you like it. "Elements" Eric Mc Guire
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    t2i/7d/5d on the big screen?

    About the VFX and the 7D, here's a short I made with the 7D and ...3D.
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    How to mimic style in post - "SinCity" and "The Spirit"

    He SonnyBoo I've been working with Avid for a week now, and I must say that I did not know the keyers were that precise and powerful. I'm creating a pleasantville effect right now and I must say that it is pretty staightforward with the spectramatte in Avid. Very usefull effect...
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    3D footage to Avid MC5

    Hi I just started with Media Composer 5. I make a lot of CG footage with Maya and I used to work with EXR image sequences to maintain uncompressed video while editing. But it looks like Avid does not support the EXR 32 bit format. Is it possible to import 16 bit TIFF image sequences in Media...
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    Best File Format For Editing ?

    Someone also told me that the best VIDEO (vs image sequence) formats to work with in editing are ProRes 4444 and DnxHD.
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    Best File Format For Editing ?

    Hi, I personnally think the best format to use for high quality editing is the Open EXR (.exr) image sequence format. If you can't, use another 32 bit format (.hdr ). And if you can't, work with a 16 bit format (.tiff). Open EXR is the format developped and used by Industrial Light and Magic...
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    HD Rendering and memory problems in Vegas

    So you say you can render 1080p files in Vegas, files longer than 15-20 minutes? Honnestly, I have tried everything (but I did not try to disable my anti-virus) you suggested above, and everything from the Sony support too. Sony support service is not awnsering to my problem I submited to...
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    How to mimic style in post - "SinCity" and "The Spirit"

    Another example of the pleasantville effect: I had not watched Sonnyboo's first video completely at first (the guitar player)... The guy is painting an alpha channel of what he wants to (de)saturate on the...
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    How to mimic style in post - "SinCity" and "The Spirit"

    I'm really not a pro in color correction (I'm more a painter I think XD) and my experience is limited, but this is what I thought while reading the first post... I first thought they would let the color spill by some color correction tools (I did not think of keying though). If you plan for it...
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    How to mimic style in post - "SinCity" and "The Spirit"

    A year later, my awnser to you is this lol: yes, I think I remember seing some making-of of Sincity. Rodrigues works a lot with green screens it's true. The background and actors/close elements come from different footage most of the time. A LOT of the background is CG too. The rare colored...
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    How do you make it sound like a radio?

    I don't know if it has been said in the thread, but if you record from the real source (worldizing, nice word), you might want to record the real reverb of the room too, like add a micro at 5-10 feet from the source. It may become very handy, most of all if you make a surround mix, and will be...
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    Sony Vegas to After Effects

    Hi! Vegas and Premiere do the same thing: video editing. After Effects, Combustion, Nuke and other compositing software are alike. Think of a compositing software as a kind of Photoshop, but for video instead of pictures.
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    HD Rendering and memory problems in Vegas

    Hi, I'm starting to freak out (yes just starting ok?). I've been a loooonnnnngggg time user of Vegas, and I thought I knew it perfectly and that it was the perfect tool for me. I've been making short corporate HD movies for different clients (less than 10 mins), and slowly but surely, I...
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    Final Cut or Vegas

    Ahmm.... I'm sorry I should have done my homework before talking.... I resolved the 5 mins hd footage limitation, it was just a setting to tweak (Dynamic Ram preview and Rendering threads). It's really better though to always render in image sequences in Vegas though... I read somewhere this...