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    movie-talk What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    The Empty Man...... 7.5/10. Didn't know what to expect. Turned out to be a fairly slick horror, mystery. Worth a watch.
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    For whatever reason I love the idea of you writing a horror. I look forward to seeing it! And...

    For whatever reason I love the idea of you writing a horror. I look forward to seeing it! And congrats on the hire.
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    misc Weapon Props for The Witcher

    Awesome video about Medieval weapon props from an awesome channel.
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    news After the Warners-HBO Max Explosion, Theaters May Look More Kindly on Netflix

    I don't know, guys. I won't predict the end of the theater business, but it may be, henceforth, changed and diminished. I find the claim that streaming is the future, and more importantly, what corporations like AT&T (with massive debt) care about more, entirely plausible. And does anyone really...
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    lighting Getting soft light & shaping light

    Are you certain the pro photographer didn't edit your photographs with a filter or with some other photo editing magic? In any case, don't use it as an excuse to not use makeup. Listen to Sfoster. You could hook up with a makeup artist to collaborate with, or even hire one. Or, if I were you...
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    misc New Music Video

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    humor Filmmaking Memes

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    misc The Cinematic Experience

    Fascinating. Thank you for this. One thought I have is: I'm not sure your time and energy should or could be apportioned in quite this way. The chart gives a weighted value to various kinds or portions of audience experience, but I'm skeptical the division of time and energy (I want to say...
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    music What are you listening to right NOW!

    Loving this.
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    film-look Practice makes Perfect???

    You should go for it. Why not? Probably couldn't hurt. You remind me of this photographer and the weird sort of filmmaking-still photography-hybrid work he does. I'm not sure if I find it inspiring or off-putting. And of course you aren't going to spend a million bucks on a photo shoot. But...
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    Greetings, and most sincere apologies to all.

    I don't know what transpired to lead to a ban, and I'm not making excuses for anyone or anything. But in principle you have my sympathy. When many of us were kids there was no internet, at least not as we know it today, no cool forums such as this one. On the one hand, we missed out on a great...
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    cameras Help me enter the modern era of Video and Photography

    I haven't kept up with the latest gear buzz for a long while. Nevertheless, I'll share this. I'm a longtime fan of these two guys; I used to watch them regularly. Disclaimer: they are both filmmakers given they are YouTubers, but they may not not address all the needs and wants of a filmmaker...
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    news Andrew Bujalski on Writing ‘Lady and the Tramp’ Remake and the Decision to ‘Lose the Racist Cats’

    So in other words, they're cutting the "Asians" out of the movie. So much for Asian representation. Racist. To be sure, I screened the clip on the YouTube; that the writer feels the need to call the original content racist is pathetic, if not laughable. Any negative qualities the cats therein...