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    humor Explain a Movie Badly

    A badass woman tries to double cross both the police and that guy who gets mistaken with Laurence Fishburne and who loves watching women selling their guns on TV. Next: Midnight in Paris.
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    watch Neuroxica - Short Horror Film

    Very well done!:thumbsup:
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    watch To Wander Ros Cala | A Fantasy Short Film

    good job man! Cinematography wise it looks really good. Sound was great too. Your fighting scenes and the effects are not bad though the effects feel a bit shallow( without texture). your fighting scenes could benefit from a better editing and choreography. The make up and clothing could be...
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    game Why the Resident Evil series is shitty now...

    Yep, overmilking is sadly part of every entertainment industry these days. The games I am really looking forward to are kojima's death stranding, and cyberpunk 2077. Also it's a been a long since I've heard any news or games from ken levine, the mind behind the trilogy masterpieces "Bioshock"...
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    game Why the Resident Evil series is shitty now...

    I'm too young to have had experienced the first REs. 😄 When the first RE came out, I was 3 years old you see. Though the remaster versions are out, so I may give it a try now. I started playing the RE franchise since the number 4. and I though RE 4 was the best one. After RE 4 every subsequent...
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    suggestion Toxicity in forum

    yeah you are probably right about that. But I think with this thing at least the number of drive by posters is going to decrease. We get so many people here who just join, drop their contents in the forum without any introductions and leave. It feels like a mass marketing or mass advertising...
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    suggestion Toxicity in forum

    of course man. I never meant to imply that IT is a toxic place. This is the only forum I am part of. I've checked out other forums and I didn't even care much for the community going on in these forums to even sign up for them. This is more like an attempt to deal with the already rare toxic...
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    suggestion Toxicity in forum

    During my 1 year in this forum I've noticed that most of the toxicity in this forum comes from the new comers or as Directoric likes to call them "Drive by posters". The reason is understandable. For a new comer this forum feels like a "Burst bubble station" at first 😅 . and I think this is...
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    critique "Project Dragon": Plot Feedback

    Honestly, I have yet to see a decent adaptation of a fighting game or anime( with the exception of Rurouni Kenshin). None of the adapted movies I've watched so far do the original game justice or feel satisfying to watch in the least, the choreography is garbage, the characterization lacks...
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    critique "Project Dragon": Plot Feedback

    I am a huge fan of fighting games too. The story bears a strong resemblance to street fighter I don't know if that's intentional or not. I could swear you wanted to say "M. Bison" instead of Crimson lotus 😆. But character wise I think all these characters work. They seem interesting enough...
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    campaign The Unknown Warrior

    I don't think the "ruthless" or " gory" aspects of a ninja movie is an issue here. Sadistic and gory fight scenes are a common theme in ninja stories( Think Ninja assassin or the phenomenon video game Ninja gaiden). The main issue is the story. You should try to put all these ideas that you've...
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    How can I write horror without disgust

    This again goes against the " help out other members even if the original poster is long gone" policy. People may not be that eager to post their suggestion when they realize the guy is long gone.
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    Melanie Martinez

    Sadly that is the case for me. I started watching it with the hopes of watching a movie. The second she started to sing in the bus, that was a huge disappointment to me I turned it off. Was never a fan of musicals. And it felt like more like a dozen music video clips stuck together rather than a...
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    suggestion Locking Old Threads

    Maybe lock the threads that we know the guy who made it has left or has had no activity for the past 6 months or so. Even then, many retrospective replies were helpful for other members of this forum, even if the guy has left here, doesn't mean the replies to his threads aren't helpful to others.
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    suggestion Locking Old Threads

    I've had my threads from 8 months ago with new replies, and those new replies were really helpful and I am an active member of this forum.