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    watch New Comedy Sketch - Astronaut Todd

    This was pretty great! Gonna find it hard not to exclaim "Goddammit, gravity's a bitch!" in my every day life now. How did you capture the sound?
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    Hello again!

    lol I mean, there's still some "poke a wow wow." Just not as much, it's a lot quieter, and we take steps to make sure it doesn't lead to another baby.
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    Tell, not show?

    Agreed. It's a common misconception that "show don't tell" means "no talking." Little or no talking is extremely tough to pull off, and when it's not done right can make your script/film very boring. But I'd add a small caveat, if you find that you have a long monologue or conversation...
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    Hello again!

    Didn't realize it had been over five years since last I logged on. Things that have changed for me: I now have two daughters. I now work as a video producer for the Texas Department of Insurance. I now think about retirement a lot.
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    Hello again!

    it me
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    Hello again!

    Anyone remember me?
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    Holy Crap, the IT advertising is spot-on!

    Step 1: Clear your cookies. Step 2: Visit Now all your banner ads will be awesome!
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    watch Security Company Online Ad

    That has been my take on it for many, many years (having worked in television news for a while, I understood that was how we "got away" with using copyrighted songs and such). But a few recent conversations with filmmakers and online content producers made me want to take a closer look...
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    Harrison Ford doesn't like modern SF movies.

    Like button.
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    Pico Dolly

    Wanted to make a recommendation for the Pico Dolly. It's a nifty little piece of equipment I recently started using on my shoots (here's an example).
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    watch Security Company Online Ad

    You remember Spat (aka Dennis)? His video Shit Rich People Say has over 125,000 views in a little less than a month (it hit 80,000 in a few short days). No prob. It was something that we looked long and hard at before uploading. We're talking about creating actual TV Spots based on the three...
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    watch Security Company Online Ad

    I did a lot of research regarding "fair use" before creating the video. I read info available online, spoke with a few lawyers, and entered into holy commune with the gods of anti-piracy. What I figured out is that the laws governing "fair use" are ambiguous and confusing and that there is no...
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    watch Security Company Online Ad

    I was the same way, then another old IndieTalker (Spatula) showed me that he did one for his company and I thought "what the heck". Yeah. Bosses said they were fine with it. We're going with the "fair use" argument.
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    watch Security Company Online Ad

    No one? I thought I'd at least get a, "Who let this guy back in?"
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    favorite Your Favorite Kubrick Film

    @Dready -- I've always viewed it as such. I don't see how people could be shocked by that thought. Sure, it's dramatic. But there are strong overtones of dark humor throughout the film.