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    Epilogue (2021)

    Finished a short film about a break up recently--hope ya'll enjoy it! Synopsis: Months after a crushing breakup, Mark meets up with Amy to take back an unopened birthday gift before she moves away. A simple meeting turns into an exploration of truth that finds its way to the surface too late.
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    movies Leaving Las Vegas

    I watched it over a decade ago--but I remember that Nicolas Cage and Elisabeth Shue worked well together. It's one of my favorite performances from Nicolas Cage. Adaptation (2002) is another one. He's also fantastic in Pig (2021).
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    Amateur Filmmaker Making Short Films in SD

    Hi Everyone! My name is Mike. I've been a fan of cinema all my life--practically lived at Hollywood Video as a kid, worked at Blockbuster video back in the day (2nd job I ever worked), tried making short films at 19, entered short screenplay competitions, and now I'm making short films with my...