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  1. Hello People

    Never been to London, I spent most of my time between Bury St Edmonds and Nottingham (fell in love with Ely Cathedral). I flew in and out of Mildenhall with the USAF, and even had a few flights with RAF 8 Sdn on the Shackleton (they're now flying the AWACS). But had the stars smiled differently...
  2. lighting Cockpit Movement - Lighting Example

    Unless you're talking about an X-wing in a dogfight, any sense of movement by your vehicle is going to be negligible (unless it's traveling at warp factor OMG). In "straight and level" flight ("level" not really applying in space), any background stars the camera sees are likely going to be...
  3. Hi, everyone!

    Welcome to the group, Jason... did you bring anything to eat?
  4. Hello, I'm Alaa.

    Welcome to Indietalk, Alaa.
  5. Hello People

    Welcome, Zac. What part of England are you from?
  6. Hello!

    Welcome, Nina.
  7. Hello All!

    Welcome, Ananth
  8. Hello!

    Welcome, RZ. You meet the most creative people over coffee... I recommend Urth Caffé on Melrose or Starbucks on Sunset across from the Laugh Factory (although I was told it's closed). It's also great for people watching. 👀
  9. hello, my name is Kennedy!

    Welcome, Kennedy.
  10. Looking for a writing mate, partner of similar age(18)

    Welcome, Filip. Someone (might have been Syd Field or William Goldman... I'm old, who remembers) said "the art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair". Just keep getting "something down on the page", and your skills will improve as well as your level of...
  11. Hi there!

    Welcome to the group, Cap. Better buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride.
  12. crew Why is it so difficult to find collaborators for a project?

    "Why are people uninterested in joining teams or groups?" You don't join teams or groups, you help friends, knowing that they'll help you in return. People won't join a team just because that team may need them, but they'll join a team if the project interests them AND if they feel comfortable...
  13. Good evening from the UK!

    Welcome to the jungle, Fancy.
  14. Hello

    Glad to have you with us, Hunter.
  15. Hey there!

    Welcome to the group.