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    treatment Need help with PLOT and TREATMENT

    What's "noble" about abandoning both of your children? And maybe I don't understand because I'm only a dad, but IMHO the only one's sacrificing anything are the babies. Or are you saying that "noble actions" have a different meaning to Bollywood? BTW, I've been a member here for about 10 years...
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    Newbie here!

    Welcome, Duc.
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    marketing No more DVDs

    I REFUSE to get rid of my DVD players, and I just had to install one on my new high powered gaming... er, I mean editing computer! Hell, I still have an 8-track player and I THINK I still have a working 4-track.
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    Hello, video editing enthusiasts here.

    Welcome, rusufineas.
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    Greetings from Mad Wife Productions

    Welcome, MadWife. If you're mad because the toilet seat was left up again, it's not MY fault... my wife (and 4 older sisters) trained me well.
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    Hello from Mary

    Mary Ann was (is) a BABE and definitely the hottest of "the rest". But I'm so old, I said that about Penny (Gloria Winters, Sky King's niece. She had BOOBS. And if we didn't know WHAT they were, we knew WHERE they were.) and Hassie (Lydia Reed, from The Real McCoys). Fickle bitch that I am. 🥰
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    Hello from Mary

    Welcome, Maryannd.
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    Hi, I am a Vietnamese, I am very interested in the film industry, especially in lighting, I look forward to sharing with you. Thank you

    Chao mung! Forgive me. I'm a tad rusty, and was never fluent in Vietnamese. About the only phrase I use any more is (phonetically) "falunk enook" (G.I. shitbird). 😀
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    Jon, indie actor and director NYC

    Welcome, Jon.
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    Hello! Newbie here :)

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    the best scifi youtube Series of All time

    Welcome Mr. M. I'm only halfway through Spaceman X, but I will say this. I'm laughing my once fine, bony, white, saggy, old guy ass off! 🤣 Well done.
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    Let's do this!

    Welcome to Indietalk. BTW, I'm an ex-smoker... and if you can convince Brad to blow that smoke my way, I'll be your new best friend. 🤠
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    Hello Everyone

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    for-sale Lullaby Story: David Stojan's [DVD] 18+

    I'm a little confused... is this an advertisement for an X rated snuff film or an invitation to comment on one's work?
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    Hello, everyone! I am Linda Colson from YourMovie project team

    Welcome to indietalk, Linda.