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    Hello all

    Welcome to indietalk, Allen. Thanks, Foster... I had to look it up, too. I just spat up a half chewed gummy worm on my monitor, and I'm STILL snorting vodka and O.J. out my nose.
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    Welcome to indietalk.
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to indietalk, Mario.
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    news ‘Pleasure’ Claims to Depict the Porn Industry Authentically, but Some Stars Question Its Reality

    Authenticity? I got just the guy for them. Back in the 80's and 90's, I was in a writers group called "The Alameda Writer's Group". We met at NBC studios on Alameda Blvd (Burbank), hence the name. One of our members, a five-time president of the group, was rather reluctant to discuss his...
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    Hi there!

    Welcome, Elise.
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    Welcome Smokey. What part of the UK? I've spent a fair bit of time between Suffolk and Nottinghamshire, and have looked at a lot of property in the Yorkshire Dales.
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    New to IndieTalk, but not to Film!

    Welcome to indietalk, Sam.
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    Hello from Pittsburgh PA!

    Welcome to indietalk, Erik.
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    Welcome to the dark side, Guy.
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    Welcome, Ben.
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    Welcome to indietalk, Luma. There's a great group on indietalk with several writers with a track record in the industry, along with new writers and everything in between here. And some of us are here just because we look good in sweaters and smoking a pipe.
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    New to Indie Talk

    Welcome to indietalk, Jan.
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    What are the most Boring TV shows you've ever watched?

    This is from a fairly new post (copyright 2022), I guess the show wasn't just on KHJ Los Angeles, but on the RKO network. Thankfully my memory didn't fail me, the show was as bad as I remember, even for an easily impressed 13 year old. This line from the Long Beach's Independent Press-Telegram...
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    What are the most Boring TV shows you've ever watched?

    Catman & Rueben. It was a REALLY cheap Batman knockoff back in the 60's, produced by KHJ Channel 9 (Los Angeles). It was on early Tuesday evening, and rerun on Thursday evening, and I think it was on for a week and a half, and I swear it was shot in someone's garage in Sylmar. Cop Rock. 1990...