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    distro Alternatives to iTunes and Amazon Video Direct?

    My feature film has passed their quality control stage and is now being offered to all the channels. There are two types. Curated meaning the channel chooses whether or not to accept the film and uncurated, these accept everything. Vimeo and Amazon are both uncurated, so with any luck they...
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    distro Alternatives to iTunes and Amazon Video Direct?

    I'm going to give FilmHub a go, already started going through the process. To follow up on this, if anyone else wants to know how to do this: Upload a private version of your video and wait for a few hours/next day. Once you come back you should (hopefully) have automatic captions set up by...
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    Who is from the U.K.

    Norfolk/London - Low budget Writer/Director
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    distro Alternatives to iTunes and Amazon Video Direct?

    Where would the Facebook promoted trailer push people to go watch it though? Any platform?
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    distro Alternatives to iTunes and Amazon Video Direct?

    Thanks for that. I am same as you, not particularly worried about monetary gains. Just want it to be seen, or at least somewhere I can point people to. Do you know if your film gets an IMDB page automatically if it gets on Amazon? Even through filmhub? That would be ideal as well. The only...
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    distro Alternatives to iTunes and Amazon Video Direct?

    How did you get on with filmhub? Do you know if they have a filesize restriction or how they deliver the video to other platforms? (Do they compress.) I made a 4K feature, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let that extra effort go to waste by uploading in a badly compressed SD/HD copy.
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    festivals Low Budget Feature Film Festivals

    Hi, anyone know the best festivals to apply to for a sub £10,000 feature film by a first time director? I am researching myself, but am a little overwhelmed by FilmFreeway's 6000+ results and countless more on Google. Preferably UK based, but if they're decent I'll apply to anywhere. Thank you!
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    Is this level of historical inaccuracy acceptable?

    I'd go for exaggeration over historical inaccuracy personally. Most people won't know what quantity of [insert explosive here] is needed to do a certain damage. Just look at grenades, their use in film drives real soldiers up the wall.
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    Cost to hire a good voiceover guy?

    I use for short stuff, it's free to post and you can advertise for credit only. If your advert is something that looks exciting you can get quite a few auditions to choose from just for one role. For longer stuff I'd hire a local working actor...
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    EGYPTIAN GOLD (143pages)... is this too much info?...

    Most screenplay contests don't allow features over 120 pages, so I'd definitely try and get it down to that or lower. (Lower is better for practical reasons outlined above by directorik) Then I'd recommend letting some people read the first ten pages to give you an idea of what you might need...
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    Logline critiques

    Gave it a crack for you: In the golden age of Egypt, an ambitious Prince and his unconventional Princess are propelled to the throne. With jealous family members, rebel factions and wars being fought on all sides they must adapt quickly to preserve the royal bloodline. Notes: If it's called...
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    Does this logline work?

    Gave it a crack for you: After a trivial argument, a damaged couple's life falls into a spiral of mayhem, suspicion and murder. Notes: I don't think the adjective damaged works here as it could mean so many things. They're your characters so tell us how they are damaged in one word and use...