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    misc Does anyone know of any 1960s/1970s gore/shlock film scripts online?

    Here is a link to a transcription of the script for "The Abominable Dr. Phibes". Here is the shooting script for "The Crazies". Just decide on a movie you want...
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    screenplay Which Production Companies Are Buying Unsolicited Scripts?

    I know this is a bit off topic from the original point of the post, but the topic has been brought up, so I figured I would weigh in with my stritctly amatuer opinion. It is my understanding that anyone calling themselves a "Script Consultant" who says they can get your screenplay read by...
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    wanted Looking for Final Draft

    Is there a reason you aren't getting Final Draft 12?
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    logline The Runner

    There is a large difference between writing a logline for a finished script you are bringing to market and one for a story idea you have floating around in your head. It was not stated which this is for. I find that having a clear idea of the story before writing helps me stay on track as it...
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    logline The Runner

    What's the inciting incident? What forces this change? Why does HE have to be the one to care for the niece? What challenges will he face? Give us the promise of the premise - tell us what we can expect in terms of drama and conflict in Act 2.
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    Wizard School - Online

    I'm sorry, for some reason I thought your diety-like being was an extraterrestrial. You are correct, it is the life events (forced change) of a character that drives a story. I have often heard it said that audiences will forget your plot, but will remember your characters. You might want to...
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    Wizard School - Online

    I can picture it. The hard sell part is the mixing of wizardry and extraterrestrials. There is an expression I can't recall exactly at the moment that warns against mixing your fantasy elements from arenas that are too dissimilar. There's a reason Cowboys and Aliens failed, and it wasn't...
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    camera-dept Can't make a decision... please help

    If the ability to use your existing lenses is the primary concern, check out used offerings from Blackmagic Design. Many of their cameras have Super 35 sensors with EF(s) mounts. Also consider that you can get adapters to use EF(s) lenses on crop sensor cameras from Sony, Panasonic, etc...
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    I feel for you. I can only imagine the smell. It stinks pretty badly down here, but it has to be almost infinitely worse where you are. The "federal assistance" my area is getting has been to tell us we can apply for an SBA loan. They don't care about people, only headlines and photo ops...
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    camera RED's latest 8K pro camera has a new sensor that shoots 120FPS RAW video

    It's not just 8K raw at 120fps, it's 16 bit 8K raw with 17 stops DR at 120fps. 600fps at 2K. 🤯
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    I have hundreds of pictures and drone footage from before I removed the trees. I'm back at work today. My boss was kind enough to give me the three days off I took. I ache. Thank you for the commiserations. Ain't we a pair? It's like I've said a thousand times since my last motorcycle...
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    Machine Learning Teaser Trailer (2021)

    I could understand a fair amount of it; enough to get the gist. I like it.
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    I feel for you. I am currently 5 days without power due to Hurricane Ida. I had 3 trees (100+ foot tall lodgepole pines) fall on my house, causing about 50-80K in structural damage. All 3 of the trees that hit the house were in the same neighbor's yard. I told said neighbor those trees were...