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    misc auto focus noise on dslr

    My STM lens is arriving tomorrow! i'm childishly excited... and the cold shoe extender arrived today, i tried it and it diminishes the noise considerably, hopefully combined with the STM lens i'll be sorted... i dont know how to do manual exposure... but this is probably the time learn :) Thanks...
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    misc auto focus noise on dslr

    Thanks for your advice... i googled around abit and have found the same sort of solutions... so ive ordered a STM lens and i have got an external mic that fits the camera. my cameras a canon 250d, it's the only camera ive got, i use it for all general very new to all this... me and...
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    misc auto focus noise on dslr

    The auto focus on my dslr can be heard when i record video... Any and all solutions to this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks...
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    Hello, my names lewis, i'm here to learn and get advice...